Cellular Healing Elixir



By supporting vibrational energies that clear negative energies in cells, Cellular Healing Elixir aids in improving the quality and vibrancy of life.

Many overlook cellular healing as the foundational building block to total health that it is, but this product allows for a holistic health approach that cuts the underlying causes of poor cellular performance and stimulates the beneficial reproduction of cells.

Cellular healing is an important part of the holistic health process, as cells are literally the building blocks of life. The quality of said life is entirely dependent on the quality of the building blocks within, much like a structure is dependent on the quality of building materials going into it. As there are millions upon millions of cells in the body, the health of those cells cannot be taken for granted.

Components like vitamins and amino acids are required to feed the biochemical reactions that occur inside each cell. A lack of those components leads to cellular breakdown and total dysfunction.

Without the adequate supplementing of cellular health, this dysfunction can lead to a seemingly limitless range of health concerns. Normal cell function is impaired due to stress and stressed cells simply don’t work as well.

So how are cells cared for?

The process starts with healing and hydration, which is where Cellular Healing Elixir comes in.

Cellular hydration is often cited as the most important form of hydration because it distributes water to all the cells that require it. This transports essential nutrients to each cell, giving each element the fuel it needs to thrive. Water transported through the cells also helps facilitate the elimination of waste, flushing toxins.

Without proper cellular hydration, the body’s ability to nourish itself and eliminate waste is seriously hindered.

Along with cellular hydration, cells require change. Exercise does everything from stave off illness to accelerate anti-aging potential, enhancing the immune system in the process and nourishing the body’s ability to fight off infections and illnesses.

By increasing circulation, cells that confront disease are more mobile and nimble.

It may sound simplistic, but cells that are active are more productive. In order to tackle the harm done to cells by various environmental pressures, movement is integral. Keeping things physically active changes the structure by lowering blood pressure, eliminating bad cholesterol, and cutting the potential for ailments like type 2 diabetes.

Reducing internal poisons caused by things like heavy metals is imperative on the pathway to improving cellular health.

Cellular Healing Elixir produces a cleansing effect that boosts the productivity of the cellular system and removes toxins.

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Toxins are produced inside living cells and vary in toxicity levels, but eliminating them from the body leads to greater health. Toxins can be anything from external products to small molecules, proteins or peptides that cause disease on contact.

Cellular Healing Elixir utilizes essential oils to activate vibrational frequencies in the water and increase the value of the finished product. This turns the water into toxin-fighting tonic, encrypting it with information that it communicates to the cell structure. This begins a process of reprogramming, sending vibrational transmissions to the cells to kick out toxins and other bad elements through the use of stable concentrated energy.

Cellular Healing Elixir also aids in the reprogramming of cellular and DNA energies, which sets a new set of internal directives for restorative wellbeing and holistic cellular redevelopment. This process, achieved through vibrational messaging and frequency enhanced purification, is a risk-free way to ensure total body health.


  • Frequency enhanced purified structured water
  • Organic orange essential oil
  • Organic rosemary essential oil


Cellular Healing Elixir comes in a two ounce dropper bottle. Dependent on need and practice, one to four bottles can be used per month. For more information on specific doses, see the bottle or contact a holistic health expert.

Weight 4.4 oz

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