Oregon Grape for Dogs

Oregon Grape Root for Dogs & How to Safely Use It

Is it safe to use Grape Root for dogs? Oregon grape root aka holly-leaf barberry is considered a bitter tonic and a natural antibacterial for dogs. Holistic vets often use Oregon Grape root for its strong berberine alkaloids, antiseptics and medicinal properties for dogs with different types of infections including fungal infections. This bitter tasting […]

Benefits of Calendula for Dogs

Therapeutic Usages of Calendula for Dogs

Our ongoing series on herbs for dogs continues with this look at Calendula. Calendula, also known as pot marigold, encompasses about 15 to 20 species of annual and perennial plants from the daisy family known as Asteraceae. Native to western Europe, southwestern Asia, the Mediterranean, and the islands of the North Atlantic Ocean, Calendula for […]

Licorice Root for Dogs

Safely Using Licorice Root for Dogs

In this article, we discuss how to use the herb licorice root for dogs. Right off the bat, we need to clarify that we’re talking about licorice root and not the black licorice found in candy stores. Black licorice can be harmful and even toxic for your four-legged friend, so you should avoid this sugary […]

Health Benefits of Milk Thistle for Dogs

Organic Milk Thistle Dosage for Dogs

One of the most interesting of all the herbs for your senior dog is milk thistle. Called Silybum marianum or blessed milk thistle for dogs or Mary thistle or Scotch thistle or any variety of things, this annual or biennial plant is found throughout the world and has been researched for several medicinal applications. It […]

Dog's Allergies

Allergies and Your Dog’s Weakened Immune System

Did you know that like many people, dogs too are suffering from one form of allergy or another?  Whether the cause of the allergy is from food, environment, or both; allergies are a major problem for many dogs and cats. Scratching, chewing, licking of the paws, shaking of the head, chronic ear infections, runny eyes, […]