A Brushless Dog Toothpaste Delivering Superior Results

A Brushless Dog Toothpaste Delivering Superior Results

Finally A Dog Toothpaste With Guaranteed Results – No Need For Your Dog To Go Under Anesthesia Wow, finally a brushless, natural dog toothpaste that can really remove plaque, tarter and reverse gingivitis and oral disease. When I first read that statement, I wasn’t quite sure I believed it until I used it on my […]

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Welcome to YourOldDog We believe good health starts with nature, not science.​ For consultations  Ongoing unlimited private emails, phone calls, involving serious health concerns including liver disease (high liver enzymes, copper storage, hepatic encephalopathy), kidney disease, cancer, heart disease (DCM, murmur, etc) and likely dehydration due to sickness and disease, a $50 contribution is required […]


NOT SURE WHICH PRODUCTS TO CHOOSE? View our guide to find the best, Natural solutions for your dog! Anemia This section of our store includes the best products for dogs suffering from hemolytic anemia, blood loss, recovering from surgery, low energy levels and endurance issues. Click here to view products now. Autoimmune Disorders Here you’ll […]

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Hi, My name is Janie If you are a proud senior dog owner, then I’m hoping that this will be a really nice stop for you. I’m known by many as a connoisseur for older dogs and a helpful advisor and consultant to their loving owners. I offer the best ways to keep your best […]


Make the most of every moment with your dog and Let your journey begin with us… shop now We’ve been helping old dogs Naturally for over a decade​ This website was built to share some of the most trusted natural methods and home remedies for dogs, specifically older dogs. Our goal is to help you […]