Homemade Recipes for Dogs Suffering from Liver Disease

Homemade Recipes for Dogs with Liver Disease

In our experience, a homemade diet made with REAL WHOLE FOODS is an absolute must for dogs with a failing liver. Many dogs won’t touch the prescription dogs foods on their own anyway. If your dog is suffering from ANY form of liver or kidney disease which is extremely serious, we urge you to please […]

dog treat recipes for dogs with liver disease

Treat Recipes For Dogs With Liver Disease

THESE RECIPES ARE NOT PUBLIC DOMAIN AND ARE NOT MEANT TO BE SHARED ANYWHERE ON THE INTERNET, ETC. WITHOUT WRITTEN CONSENT These dog treat recipes are part 4 of an article series on dogs with liver disease. The following recipes were the actual recipes that I prepared and used for Lulu as part of her […]

Helpful Supplements for Dogs With Liver Disease

Helpful Supplements for Dogs With Liver Disease

This article is part of a series of articles dedicated to dogs suffering with liver problems like our own old girl “Lulu” did at the age of 16.The information that you find here is based on Lulu’s journey through liver disease and what we did to help her through it. This disease is a very […]

understanding liver disease in dogs

Introduction to Liver Disease In Dogs

Liver problems can develop for a lot of different reasons and it’s often a surprise when we find out that our companion is suffering with a liver problem. Sadly, dogs today are suffering from liver and kidney failure like never before. It’s believed the use of chemical flea and tick products, OVER vaccination, lawn pesticides, […]


Helpful Advice for Naturally Treating Dogs With Kidney Disease

We receive several emails weekly regarding kidney disease in dogs and  always feel so bad because we know that the dog owner feels helpless. Most often the emails mention that the vet wants to place the older dog on Hills K/D food and the owner is struggling with this decision.Diet should and must be your […]