Comfrey for dog

Comfrey for Dogs and How to Safely Use It

If you’re looking for an herb to topically treat pain in your dog, then comfrey is it.  Comfrey is a name for plants in the Symphytum genus species.  Also known as knitbone or boneset, comfrey has a diverse reputation among herbalists.While it was historically used to treat a number of conditions in humans, it is mostly now […]

Burdock Root Benefits

Burdock Root Benefits for Dogs and How to Safely Use It

Burdock is tremendously useful in the long-term care of your dog and has an ancient tradition as a relatively safe, cleansing herbal treatment. There are many applications for the root, from eating it in its natural state like a carrot to softening it up and adding it to normal food. Burdock root is generally available […]

Uva Ursi for Dogs

Safely Using Uva Ursi for Dogs

We often use Uva ursi for dogs that are battling a UTI and have blood in the urine. It’s pretty amazing herb, especially for dogs who battle frequent urinary tract infections.  It’s a natural diuretic known for its ability to cleanse the kidneys. It’s main medicinal use include its antiseptic, astringent and diuretic properties. Uva […]

Dangers of aflatoxin

The Dangers of Aflatoxin Contamination in Commercial Pet Food

Whether it’s salmonella or aflatoxin in dog food, it seems that we’ve seen more recalls and horror stories from pet owners over the past several months. So, I’ve been talking a lot about pet foods and pet food recalls lately, but these things just keep coming out of the woodwork. Despite what some may think, […]

The Wrong Fish Oil Can Be Dangerous for Dogs: Choose Wisely

There have been quite a few studies already done regarding the rewards of adding a good fish oil to your dog’s daily diet. Although I’ve done many of my own feed trials over the years and recognized the many benefits of adding a good fish oil to my own dogs diet; I don’t think the […]