If you’re looking for ways on how to boost the health and energy in your older dog, here’s a few simple tips and tricks. Age related changes happen in all living things including our family pets.

But by providing a lifetime of high-quality food and nutrition, daily exercise, routine visits to the vet and just following a daily home care regimen can make all the difference regarding your dog’s longevity.

Here’s two of the very best anti-aging recommendations for boosting the health and vitality of old dogs.

Chlorella (fresh water algae):

I’ve talked before about how beneficial chlorella can be to sick and aging dogs. This is the powerhouse of nutritional supplements containing vitamins, minerals, amino acids and a VERY high level of chlorophyll (one of the most effective cleansers and detoxifiers that nature offers). It also contains an ingredient called “chlorella growth factor” and highly rich in nucleic acids. Nucleic acids decrease which is associated with aging and a weak immune system.

This supplement offers excellent benefits to aging dogs. Dogs routinely fed Chlorella don’t seem to age like other dogs. Holistic veterinarians recommend it as a long-term anti-aging, health-booster as an addition to any treatment program for colitis, cancer and kidney and liver diseases. Studies show it is safe even at very high doses.

Purchase Chlorella Powder 1 lb Container

Daily General Dosage Mixed Well Into Food:

Small dogs get 1 gram of powder, medium dogs get 2 grams and large dogs up to 3 grams. Dogs undergoing treatment can receive double the dosage and some vets recommend up to five times the regular dose.

Vitamin E:

Studies indicate that old dogs require higher dosages of Vitamin E in order to slow down oxidative tissue damage that naturally comes with aging. Research also shows that it improves the immune system, skin problems, endurance, circulation and libido.

General Dosage:
Small dogs should receive 100 IU’s, medium/large dogs 200 IU’s and giant dogs 400 IU’s.

Feed Quality Protein

Old dogs require a high quality protein in their daily diet – no junk protein. Make sure you’re feeding a quality meat source. I find it best to stick with products such as Wellness Ninety Five Percent Meat (canned food) which is just that – 95% meat. I’ve had tremendous success using this product.

Keep in mind that the Wellness Ninety Five Percent is not nutritionally balanced so you have to include a balanced food in his or her diet as well.  Or, add a good multivitamin which isn’t a bad idea.  this alone. My recommendation, are to add a can of Wellness Ninety Five Percent to either Grandma Lucy’s Freeze Dried Food or to one of The Honest Kitchen dehydrated products.


Don’t skip this tip. Dogs of all ages and even old dogs need daily exercise.

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  • Geer Norma

    Don’t forget food. A good diet beats handfuls of pills and is less expensive.
    Spirulina is good for dogs and people. And I simmer beef stew meat for my old Chihuahua/MiniPinscher, feed her the meat ( good for chewing exercise )
    and let het slurp up the liquid. It’s grass fed from Whole Foods and inexpensive. Great for immunity and
    energy. Chicken will do, also


    My Bichon is 15 and weighs 19 lbs, I was wondering on the 500 mg of Chlorella tablets for humans how much I would give her and if just once a day. She had Cushings and takes Trilosane and a kidney support chewable tablet by VetriScience called renal essentials along with Omega 3 1000mg a day and Glucosamine chondroitin .

    • janie

      Hi Robin,

      Many of these supplements are synthetic and just don’t offer the nutritional value or benefits that pure algae does. I’m not sure if you ever read about BioPreparation, but it is one of the best forms of algae available and contains the purest forms of spirulina which is much better for your girl than chlorella. It contains carotenoids and antioxidants which are 1000 times greater than vitamin E.

      It is one of the products that we always suggest for kidney and auto immune issues. You can read about it here Robin.

      I hope this helps.


      • Robin Freeman

        Janie thank you so much for getting back to me. My baby is everything to me and I feel I don’t have much more time with her. I ordered the Biopreparation 3 for her but will it give her energy like the chorella? I didn’t mention that since being diagnosed with the Cushings 8 months ago she went completely blind from cataracts and suddenly deaf also. The Cushings has made only one leg quiver a little when walking only sometimes and that was why I give her the Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM daily. I also have started Ginkgo Biloba 60mg along with Vitamin C. Do I need to be giving her all these and will that BioPrepartation be enough? I don’t know if its because she can’t see or hear at the same time but she is hesitant to walk at times and then slowly when we go for our daily walks. My vet said it was good for her to go on these walks which are 1-2 miles a day. I don’t know if you have been told but you are so wonderful to be here for us that need extra help since my vet who is a regular vet doesn’t know much at all about holistic meds. Thank you so much.

        • janie

          Hi Robin:

          Thank you for your kind words, I appreciate that very much.

          Can I ask though where you ordered the Biopreparation F3 from, because we didn’t get an order from you?


          • Robin Freeman

            Sorry I got it from ebay and free shipping because it was a little cheaper and I just wanted to try it. If it works I will be buying it from you though so I can order more than 1 at a time at a discount. Being on a limited income and disabled after the loss of my husband of 42 yrs I have to budget. I will spend my last dime on my dog but with all the supplements i am giving her it leaves me with very little to spare. That is why I asked if I need to give her all of the ones I told u about and if the BioPreparation 3 would take the place of some of them. Hope you understand.

  • Penny

    I wanted to know how much 2 grams equal in teaspoons or tablespoons. I have a 14 year old 60lb dog that I want to give this to and I want to make sure I give him the correct dose.

    • janie

      You can easily find that on Google Penny.

  • rabia

    Hi! Can you please let me know if Chlorella tablets are okay for dogs and if yes then what is the dosage for different sized dogs?

    • janie

      Hi Rabia:

      A good rule of thumb when when using human dosages for dogs would be:

    • 1/4 of the dosage for small dogs
    • 1/2 of the dosage for medium dogs
    • Full dosage for large dogs
    • Hope this helps.


  • Debra

    My (now 12yr old) Toy Poodle was showing signs of Cushing’s, approx. a year ago. I was at wit’s end, trying all sorts of serums and whatnot, which only exacerbated her symptoms. I was ready to throw in the towel and put her on dangerous prescription meds. Then, I started using Spirulina. This along with Holy Basil (which she hardly ever needs anymore, to calm her down at bedtime), has reversed almost ALL symptoms (except the weight gain). No more peeing in the house, in the bed at night, drinking water like she’s dying of thirst, breathing like her lungs are going to explode or constantly hungry. Absolutely amazing!! I just ordered some Chlorella tablets, today.

    • janie

      Debra, that is amazing!!! Thank you for sharing. Your story will indeed help others.

      That’s what this site is all about.

      Thank you, thank you, thank you!! 🙂


  • tracey

    can dogs with congestive heart failure take chlorella and how much is a gram in tsp. my dachshund weighs 14 lbs and takes vetmedin, lasix and enalapril-is chlorella compatible with these drugs

    • yourolddog

      Hi Tracey:

      Chlorella should definitely be fine for CHF, however, I don’t know if it’s compatible with the drugs your dog takes.


      • Patrick MacIntosh

        Feed your dog Raw Food diet…..

        I have seen a guy on YouTube who’s dog was dying and he put them on a raw food diet and something like 30 days the dog was running around like a puppy again . The enalapril is an ACE inhibitor and all ace inhibitors DEPLETE THE BODYS VITAMIN B1……Doctors and vets are ignorant to this. Dr Wallach did 17,000 autopsys on animals and 6,000 on people and found that every one of the animals and people who died of CHF had one commonality…..they were Deficent in vitamin B1.

        I have cured myself TWICE of CHF once at age 53 and again at age 69 and I did it without using any poison chemicals which are all Rx’s. Don’t listen to doctors and vets….

        They are taught in medical school to give Rx for EVERYTHING!….. The schools are owned by t g e big pharmaceutical companies.

        • janie

          Thanks for sharing Patrick and I couldn’t agree more!!!!


  • Chris Kavanagh

    Without a doubt Chlorella (and Spirulina) are extremely valuable foods to give your dog (pet). Chlorella transformed my dogs health & mobility. He began acting like a puppy again the 1st day he took it (he’s 13yrs old). Chlorella & Spirulina are much better than giving synthetic vitamins, because they are not only packed with vitamins/minerals/EFA’s, & other phytochemicals, they are in their natural form with enzymes. They are both extremely high in protein content. i only wish I had started giving Chlorella/Spirulina a long time ago!!!

    • admin

      Hey Chris,
      Thanks for sharing your experience with Chlorella. It always helps to hear from others on how well products have worked for them!

      Janie 😮

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