Boosting Health and Energy in Older Dogs

Boosting Health and Energy in Older Dogs

If you’re looking for ways on how to boost the health and energy in your older dog, here’s a few simple tips and tricks. Age related changes happen in all living things including our family pets.

But by providing a lifetime of high-quality food and nutrition, daily exercise, routine visits to the vet and just following a daily home care regimen can make all the difference regarding your dog’s longevity.

Here’s two of the very best anti-aging recommendations for boosting the health and vitality of old dogs.

Chlorella (fresh water algae) Energy Supplement for Dogs:

I’ve talked before about how beneficial chlorella can be to sick and aging dogs. This is the powerhouse energy booster for dogs of nutritional supplements containing vitamins, minerals, amino acids and a VERY high level of chlorophyll (one of the most effective cleansers and detoxifiers that nature offers). It also contains an ingredient called “chlorella growth factor” and highly rich in nucleic acids. Nucleic acids decrease which is associated with aging and a weak immune system.

This energy supplement for dogs offers excellent benefits to aging dogs. Dogs routinely fed Chlorella don’t seem to age like other dogs. Holistic veterinarians recommend it as a long-term anti-aging, health-booster as an addition to any treatment program for colitis, cancer and kidney and liver diseases and energy booster for dogs. Studies show it is safe even at very high doses.

Purchase Chlorella Powder 1 lb Container

Daily General Dosage Mixed Well Into Food:

Small dogs get 1 gram of powder, medium dogs get 2 grams and large dogs up to 3 grams. Dogs undergoing treatment can receive double the dosage and some vets recommend up to five times the regular dose.

Vitamin E:

Studies indicate that old dogs require higher dosages of Vitamin E in order to slow down oxidative tissue damage that naturally comes with aging. Research also shows that it improves the immune system, skin problems, endurance, circulation and libido.

General Dosage:
Small dogs should receive 100 IU’s, medium/large dogs 200 IU’s and giant dogs 400 IU’s.

Feed Quality Protein

Old dogs require a high quality protein in their daily diet – no junk protein. Make sure you’re feeding a quality meat source. I find it best to stick with products such as Wellness Ninety Five Percent Meat (canned food) which is just that – 95% meat. I’ve had tremendous success using this product.

Keep in mind that the Wellness Ninety Five Percent is not nutritionally balanced so you have to include a balanced food in his or her diet as well.  Or, add a good multivitamin which isn’t a bad idea.  this alone. My recommendation, are to add a can of Wellness Ninety Five Percent to either Grandma Lucy’s Freeze Dried Food or to one of The Honest Kitchen dehydrated products.


Don’t skip this tip. Dogs of all ages and even old dogs need daily exercise.