Dog Playing with Toxic Toys

New Study Reveals Information on Toxic Dog Toys

Questions about the safety and possible toxicity of dog toys have been around for some time now and various studies on the subject haven’t exactly been comforting.

Now a new study presented at a conference by the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry is shedding light on the subject.

Here’s yet another article over on discussing lead and other toxic chemicals in dog toys being sold at Walmart.

“Lots of attention has been given to chemicals in plastics lately regarding their effects on humans. Since we all care about our dogs, and we want them to be as healthy and smart and well-behaved as possible, we decided to look into this,” Phil Smith, associate professor of terrestrial ecotoxicology at Texas Tech, said.

Here’s What The Study Uncovered About Chemicals in Dog Toys

Upon looking into it, the study discovered that certain dog toys – like plastic fetching batons – could lead to the ingestion of dangerous chemicals. Batons and other toys apparently could leak chemicals like phthalates and bisphenol into a dog’s system. The aforementioned chemicals are commonly found in plastic toys and other plastic items and have been linked to trouble in humans.

The study did its best to simulate the actual conditions that a dog toy would be under in a pooch’s mouth. They created a form of fake saliva and squeezed the toys with salad tongs to mimic the chewing motion. They also wore down some of the toys to test if the changes in structure would result in more chemical leakage.

“We found that the aging or weathering the toys increased concentrations of BPA and phthalates,” Smith said.

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In other words, the act of chewing on a plastic dog toy containing the aforementioned chemicals increases the leakage of the chemical into your dog’s mouth.

There have been a number of studies about the effects of BPA and phthalates in humans, but the effects of these same chemicals on dogs have thus far only been examined circumstantially.

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What we do know is how frequently the chemicals are in dog toys and other dog products and how easily they can be ingested if they’re in your dog’s mouth.

The Food and Drug Administration in the United States recently banned the chemicals from sippy cups and baby bottles, which seems to speak to a perceived danger at the very least. But there’s still no way to compare the effects on humans to the effects on dogs, especially with so few actual studies on the matter.

The best course of action is one of caution and care. We always advocate living as chemical-free a lifestyle as possible with your four-legged friend and this is no different. Always avoid toys with BPA or phthalates and steer clear of toys that look worn or otherwise weathered. If you steer clear of toxins and harmful chemicals, you should be safe in that department.

Avoid Dog Toys Being Made in China!
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Here’s an article sharing a few companies that manufacture safe dog toys right here in the USA.