My girl “Maggie” lives up to the Labrador Retriever’s fondness of water.

This summer we took her to the ocean for the first time and she just loved it!  Her previous owners did very little with her except for trying to breed her.

Since my other yellow lab “Lulu” didn’t like the water much, I was really happy to see that Maggie did.

Shaking of the head and scratching of the ears are a good indicator that something is going on inside the ears.  They start shaking their head more than normal and scratching at the ears. The ears typically become red, inflamed and infected.  If left untreated, over time your dog can develop hearing loss.

After coming back from our vacation at the beach, she ended up with an ear infection. I had heard about a particular product that I wanted to test, and what better time than when your own dog has an ear problem.  Ear infections can be a big problem for water dogs, so I decided to give K9 Solutions a try and do a product review after having Maggie to the beach.K9 Ear Solutions Product Review 1

About K9 Solutions

From what I understand, this solution was originated by a veterinarian several years ago and given to Woodhaven Labs.  From what I understand, K( Ear Solution worked well for other lab owners, so I thought I’d give it a try on Maggie.

You’ll want to wear old clothes and use K9 Ear Solution outside since it contains “Gentian Violet” which can turn things purple and stain, according to the manufacturer.

I only had to use the ear solution on Maggie twice and she was fine. However, if the ear problem is severe such as a yeast problem, dog owners often notice that each time they clean out their dog’s ears, a thick brown, greasy substance returns almost daily after being cleaned.

Those types of issues often take longer and you should following the instructions on the bottle exactly by applying twice daily for 2 weeks and then once daily for one week. Yeast problems could indicate food issues.


  • Fill the ear with K9 Ear Solution either from the bottle or by using an eye dropper.
  • Gently massage for 30 seconds and then wipe out the ear with a cotton ball, soft tissue or cloth.
  • Now, fill the ear with the solution again and immediately wipe out the ear without massaging.
  • Quickly get out of the way (since it stains) and allow the dog to shake out what is left in the ear!

You can purchase K9 Ear Solution here!

K9 Ear Solutions Product Review 2My Opinion — I’d Recommend Another Product Instead

Over the years, I’ve dealt with many ear infections in dogs due to swimmers ear, food issues and allergies. While K9 Solution worked okay, I prefer Zymox ten fold.

Zymox works much faster, better, and with less fuss, plus it comes in two different formulas — one with cortisone and one without.  I use the one without.  No product has worked as quickly and as effectively as Zymox for my own dogs.

You can read the reviews here.

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  • Nancy DeNike

    I agree! The K9 Ear Solutions is a great product. My dog had chronic yeast infections in her ears. She was itching and scratching at her ears, as well as, chewing at her back, tail and her feet. She began to smell like fritos all the time. I would bathe her, and the smell would come back the next day.

    I went to the vet for all of it- He gave me antibiotic creams for the ears. It did work but only temporarily. And he told me the chewing was an allergy to fleas? She doesn’t have fleas….and neither does my home. He insisted I did. I cost me $120.00 to try to take care of this. And it did’nt solve the problem.

    I was at my wits end. I did not know that all the symptoms were related to each other. I started my own research online….I found alot of info on the GreatDanelady website about yeast infections- she recommends the K9 Ear solutions.

    I bought the K9 Ear Solutions and put it in my dog’s ears, feet and hot-spots twice a day. I also followed a special detox diet- meant to starve out the yeast (from starve out yeast diet @ It consisted of raw beef, hard boiled eggs, put a bunch of slightly baked organic egg shells in the coffee grinder to powder them up, and I added a prebioitc and an enzyme supplement (Udo’s esstentials for dogs).

    And I quit giving her what was causing the yeast infection- I was stumped because she is already on a semi-raw diet, it turned out to be her Parragone Chew Bone Treat(mostly potato starch), so I quit giving them to her.
    (No carbs or commerical dry food- it feeds the yeast!)

    The K9 Ear solutions kept her clean and comfotable. In two days she quit chewing at her feet and body.

    Within 3 days (she did not smell bad-fritos- anymore) and now at a week later the ear infection is almost gone and all her other problems have ceased and her skin is beginning to heal.

    • janie knetzer

      Hi Nancy:
      Thanks for your story, I’m sure it will be a huge help to others out there.

      The most important thing when it comes to yeast issues is food and this includes the quality of that particular food, the meat source you’re feeding and whether or not the food includes grains and carbs. This is the starting point. You’re right Nancy, the starch from carbs (just like grains) can irritate certain dogs (not all), so sticking with a grain & starch free diet often helps.

      Thanks again for sharing and I’m glad your girl is doing better!

      Janie 😮

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