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How To Stop Unwanted Dog Jumping

dog jumping

A dog jumping on you or on others can be very frustrating.

I just went through this not so long ago when I adopted “Maggie” my yellow lab. Maggie lived outside in a dog house for two years before we adopted her.

Now she lives indoors with us, but this was very new for her at first. It wasn’t long before she grew very excited to see us and we had this huge dog jumping on us every chance she could.

Well Maggie’s no little lap dog. She weighs close to 100 pounds and she’s solid. It was becoming a little frustrating when you would walk in the door and this 100 pound dog would leap up around your shoulders.

Plus, she was doing this to everyone that came to the door.

Although we love her, it was time to work with Maggie on stopping this really unwanted behavior.

Instructions For Curbing Dog Jumping

  • Repetition is the most important ingredient of any kind of dog training including dog jumping. You’ll want to include a couple of practice sessions each day until your dog gets it. Don’t stop until you are positive that your dog understands what you want from him.
  • It’s very important that you don’t touch your dog at all when teaching him or her not to jump on you or anyone else.
  1. Have a pocket full of training treats to reward your dog for doing a good job. Each time your dog does what he’s supposed to, get down to his level and praise him. Tell him “good boy” or “good girl” and give a treat.
  2. So, start by leaving the house for a couple of minutes and come in like you normally would when your dog jumps on you.
  3. As you walk in the door and you see your dog approaching and getting ready to jump on you, completely turn away from your dog facing the other direction. Remember, don’t touch your dog at all with your hands should he jump up on you.
  4. Now, slowly turn around and if your dog is gearing up to jump on you again; lift your leg to block his jumping.
  5. Once he stops jumping, praise him and tell him “good boy”.
  7. Do this over and over until he understands this part.
  8. Now, have a friend or family member stop by so that you can work with him on greeting other people that come to the door. Tell them NOT TO PET THE DOG until he stops jumping and is in a sitting position. Don’t make your dog wait too long. If he’s sitting and the anticipation is killing him – tell them to pet him.

Keep practicing your dog training techniques – practice makes perfect for all of us whether human or canine!

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