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Skin & Allergy

The natural herbs & supplements found here are helpful for the healing process of common skin & allergy problems in dogs, especially when a wholesome diet is included as part of a daily routine.


Disease & Illness

The herbal blends and supplements found in this group target immune health as well as specific organs and areas of the dog’s body including the liver, kidneys, heart, pancreas, brain and blood.


Pain & Comfort

We all want our older dogs to enjoy the simple things in life such as eating, walking, playing and remaining pain free. Our natural products help to provide mobility, quality of life and overall happiness for your old friend.

Health & Disease in Older Dogs

Visit our article archives to learn which health issues and diseases affect older dogs the most. You’ll also learn some of the best natural methods for treatment.

Herb Info

Our herbal library contains some of the best information available for dog owners with regards to different herbs and how to use them for your own dog.

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About Your Old Dog

Our informational website and eStore are dedicated to the needs of older dogs.

We take a natural/holistic approach and believe that in order for your pet to stay healthy, or completely heal; you MUST use a whole approach vs the endless use of prescription drugs that are over prescribed today. Treating as a Whole is much different than traditional medicine and can have lasting results. It means you have to examine diet, supplements and the maintenance program you currently use (or have used in the past) in order to develop the best possible road to recovery. You’ll find hundreds of articles on disease, illness, herbs, supplements, diet, skin problems, pain and well-being.

The majority of our products are all natural and pure; designed to with diet, pain, disease and general maintenance in your older dog. Learn more through our store.

We’re very passionate about helping you to work through your dog’s health issues and maintain your best friend’s good health.  We want to share our experience in using natural and holistic alternatives and help your old friend live an even longer, comfortable and happy life, naturally!


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