My Dogs Always Smile, Do Yours

My Dogs Always Smile, Do Yours?

How can you tell happy dogs apart from others?  The above picture is of my girl Jenna.  Look at the face!  I was thinking a lot about this today after my yellow lab Maggie walked up to me with this huge grin on her face for no apparent reason.

She was smiling from ear to ear.

In fact, she didn’t have to wag her tail at all to let me know she was happy, she had a smile on her face that read “I’m so happy!”

This in turn makes me smile because Maggie was an outside dog for the first two years of her life.

Now, she peeks out the door when it’s raining and tip-toes over to the grass to do her business.  I’m always amazed at how quickly dogs change once they receive a regular dose of TLC.

Good Reason To Smile

Everyday when we come back from our walk, another one of my jobs 😮 is to throw the dogs jolly balls and wear em out a little. Maggie won’t let me rest until I throw this ball at least 15 times.

She looks so cute (I have to get a picture) when she carries this ball back to me. She has it hanging over her bottom teeth and it looks like she’s smiling!

All of my dogs really do smile on a regular basis and that makes me feel good. I know I’m doing a good job. I think that there’s much more to caring for a dog than throwing some food in a bowl, filling up the water dish and letting the dog outside by himself with no real one-on-one interaction.

My dogs are the definition of pack animals and love interaction with both people and other dogs.

In fact all of my dogs throughout the years have always been that way and I attribute that to the personal attention that they received on a daily basis. We all know that dogs are creatures of habit.

However, I too fall into that category and it’s hard for me not to continue to do something once I’ve already started it. So, since I already give my dogs alot of attention through out the day, I have to be very careful not start any new routines!

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I think one of things that I love best about dogs is the fact that they are very emotional and full of expression.