New Years Resolutions

Four New Year’s Resolutions for Dog Owners

With last year behind us, it’s time to focus on that joy of joys: the New Year’s Resolution.

Now naturally, most New Year’s Resolutions are broken about 34 seconds after their brave implementation.

Whether weight loss or the cessation of smoking/drinking/other enjoyable things we grow to hate ourselves for, most of our best intentions are shattered to the wind almost instantly.

In light of this reality, we’ve decided to throw out a few realistic New Year’s Resolutions that we can make and actually follow.

We’re talking about New Year’s Resolutions you can make to treat your dog even better, of course. Sound easy? Good.  The rewards are endless and the amount of fun and fulfillment you and your canine companion will get this coming year will be through the roof.

Trust us.

Walk More

Start by resolving to walk more. This benefits both you and your pooch in innumerable ways. Not only will you get fresh air and exercise, you’ll forge some pretty solid bonds with your dog.

Try to do this on a schedule to establish a routine.

You can walk your dog no matter how old he or she is, but you will have to adjust things depending on walking ability, energy levels and so on. Don’t overdo it and let your dog lead the way sometimes.

Keep him or her on a good leash where appropriate and follow the rules of the road.

Learn More

Resolve to learn more about what your dog wants and needs. That means doing more research and checking out sites like ours (cheap plug) for all the information on how to enhance your doggy relationship and how to make sure his or her health is taken care of all year long.

Also, ask “why” questions at the pet store and the veterinarian so that you can build a solid base of knowledge and information. Don’t be afraid to ask specific questions about your dog breed when you buy dog food, for instance.

And, make it a point this new year to seek out a holistic veterinarian that will work with you through out your dog’s life by treating him or her a whole using solid nutritional advice and natural methods when possible. Don’t be shy; ask your vet questions and if he can’t answer or gives you an attitude — look for a new one!

Listen More

In our hectic lives, we often forget to take time for the little things. Yes, this sound clichéd. The fact remains that the more we listen to our dogs, the more in touch we become with respect to their needs and desires. Our dogs are communicating with us in a variety of surprising ways and we owe it to them to listen.

This means spending time with our dogs to simply just “be.” Learn to hang out with your pooch pal without a chore or a goal to accomplish. Don’t train, don’t admonish, don’t scold.

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Just sit and enjoy the outdoors or hang out inside by the fireplace.

Cherish More

Finally, take the time to cherish your dog’s life. You never know when that time comes to an end. We spend a lot of time talking about illnesses and problems that your dog may experience because we want to ensure that you have accurate information about what’s going on with your pooch’s health and well-being.

As we venture into the new year, let’s continue the dialogue and cherish the great moments we have with our best friends. Make sure your dog is part of the family. Love and treasure each moment, even the messier ones, and stick with us as we discuss our love and affection for all things dog.