Every pet owner needs to realize just what vaccines can do to their pet.

We urge you to talk with a holistic vet who uses titer testing to reveal your dog’s immune level to the disease based on his last vaccination.  If you can’t find a vet yourself, Dr. Robb (who is fighting hard against against the old rabies law, plus the over-vaccination of our pets) will do the titer test for you and tell you exactly how much of the vaccine is left in your dog’s body.  Find out more about Dr. below along with the link to order a titer test from Dr. himself.

This is much better and far safer than just vaccinating a dog when it doesn’t need it!

Many (if not most) traditional vets push vaccinations because it’s a reoccurring stream of money for their practice. Read this article from a vet (and the comments from other pet owners) who discuss this very issue of how the majority of traditional vets don’t want to give up over-vaccinating dogs and cats, because of the profit it brings in for them; even though they know how unsafe this practice is for our pets.

As a pet owner, you MUST understand how over vaccinating can hurt, cause long-term disease, illness, paralysis and kill your furry family member.

One key thing to remember when getting any type of vaccination for your pet is to always ask for KILLED CELL VACCINES and NEVER allow them to use MODIFIED LIVE VACCINES.  

RABIES is the only vaccination required by law in the U.S. , but not without risk!

Avoid Getting Sucked Into the Trap of Combination Vaccines and Over Vaccinating

I urge you to seek out a holistic vet for all of your dogs needs and make sure he (or she) does titer testing for vaccinations.  Unfortunately, many traditional vets are still over vaccinating by vaccinating more than necessary and many still use combination vaccines vs single.

What’s the difference? A combination vaccine is multiple vaccines for different diseases given in one injection which can cause many bad reactions in dogs. A single vaccine is just that; one vaccine per injection.  This doesn’t mean that your dog won’t have a reaction to a single dose; it just makes more sense to not bombard the body with mega doses of different diseases all at once making it even harder for the dog’s body to fight against.

It is easier for the body’s natural defense (both people and pets) to successfully respond to one vaccine at a time, while building immunity with less negative side effects. However, remember that you are not required by law to get any other vaccine except for rabies and many good vets like Dr. Robb at Protect the Pets (see his video and a link to donate to his wonderful cause below) are trying to get the rabies vaccine law changed.

Holistic vets on the other hand typically use single vaccines for cat and dogs and most do use a safe test called “titer” for checking your dog’s antibody’s before vaccinating.  This is a pretty cheap blood test usually less than $50 bucks and it tells whether or not your dog is protected against a certain disease such as distemper, parvo, etc. and tells how much of the vaccine is left in the body.   

So, you can see why it’s important to have a titer test done and not automatically bombard your dog with potentially hazardous shots when they are not necessary.  But unfortunately this test isn’t a waiver for the rabies vaccine that’s still mandatory in the U.S.

See Dr. Robb in action in the video below and PLEASE DONATE TO HIS CAUSE TO HELP ALL OF US.  You can make donations here.  Also, take notice how smug the pharmaceutical rep is towards this caring vet in the video.  Revaccinating for a disease, when the evidence shows that one vaccine will take care of it, is all about money folks!  SEEK OUT  a good holistic vet who does titer testing.  We pet owners MUST win this battle and Dr. Robb needs our help.  He knows that traditional veterinary care is now all about big money and they are making our dogs and cats sick at very young ages and then little can be done to help them.

How Can You Get a Titer Test for Your Dog?

Dr. Robb will do a titer for you.  Here’s a link to a form that explains what you need to do:  Order a Titer

Reactions Can Be Toxic and Show up Weeks and Months Later

Your dog might or might not react right away. In fact, he or she may not reveal the symptoms until 10-21 days after the vaccination.  FYI, certain vaccines can even cause symptoms of the disease that it’s meant to prevent. Here’s just a few of the symptoms:

  • Tumors
  • Lethargic
  • Atopic Dermatitis
  • Swelling of joints
  • Gastrointestinal upset
  • Lameness
  • Seizures
  • Wasting
  • Thyroid & Adrenal gland diseases
  • Rear end paralysis
  • Lack of energy
  • Decreased appetite
  • Kidney and liver disease
  • Hypo and Hyperthyroidism
  • Scared and fearful

Treating Vaccination Reactions

There are several homeopathic remedies that they say can work pretty well for preventing and even reversing reactions from the rabies vaccine.  Keep Thuja on hand and administer daily for 6 weeks prior to the rabies vaccine.

Here’s a list of the most common remedies and what they can help with. If you think your dog is having issues related to a vaccination, these remedies can help.

Dr. Dobias recommends giving dogs Lyssin 200C after the the rabies vaccination as a preventative step for reactions to the vaccine. However, Elixers sells Lyssin here and recommends giving it before the vaccine. They give very detailed dosages as well.

Thuja can help with: general annoyance due to the vaccine, anxiety, diarrhea, tumors and warts, coughing, fever, swelling, leg difficulty, abdominal pain, tumors, asthma, rear end paralysis, and infection. Dosage: 30C once daily orally for five days.

Silicea is often recommended in addition to Thuja.  However, holistic vet Dr. Pitcairn DOES NOT recommend Silicea, he actually recommends vitamin C in addition to Thuja.  Here’s the symptoms Silicea can help with in regards to vaccines: fear and anxiety, skin and anal gland issues, coldness, chronic inflammation and abscesses. Dosage: 30C 3 times daily.

Dr. Pitcairn recommends Vitamin C before and after vaccinations. Athough dogs manufacture their own vitamin C (unlike humans), it’s believed that supplementing with vitamin before and after can help reverse symptoms associated with the vaccine. You must work up to the recommended dosage of vitamin C, because it will cause diarrhea. We recommend starting at the minimum and working up to the max over a week’s time.  DO NOT give absorbic acid, it’s too strongSodium Ascorbate or Ester C are recommended.   Dosage for dogs is as follows:

  • Small: 500mg – 1,000mg
  • Medium – Large: 1,000mg – 2,000mg
  • Giant: 2,000mg – 4,000mg

Bentonite Clay should be used to remove the toxic vaccine from the liver, kidneys and blood.  You must feed this with wet food in order to activate the clay.  Hopefully you are not feeding canned dog food or kibble. You absolutely must move to a good diet of raw, home cooked or both.   This is the clay we use and recommend: Earth’s Natural Clay

The dosage for the clay is as follows:

up to 20 lbs        1/2 tsp

20-50 lbs            1 tsp

50-90 lbs.           1 Tbsp

90 lbs & up        1-2 Tbsp

Rabies Vaccine – U.S. Law Only Requires Rabies Vaccine – No Others

It’s important for pet owners to realize that whether or not your dog or cat receives a one year or a three year rabies vaccine – the vaccines in the bottles are identical and the only difference is the label on the bottle itself. The label on the bottle is simply to satisfy current laws.  Also, research has and is being done to show that a dog vaccination for rabies lasts roughly 5-10 years.

So, if your pet’s veterinarian uses a rabies vaccine with a label that states “1 year or annual rabies vaccine” on the bottle, your pet will be required by law to get another rabies shot the following year.

However, if the doctor uses a bottle labeled “3 year rabies vaccine” then your pet won’t be required to get another rabies vaccine for 3 years. Pet owners should insist that their veterinarian use a rabies vaccine with a “3 year label” on the bottle.

Why are so Many Vets Over Vaccinating

Why are so many veterinarians still pushing unnecessary dog vaccinations and booster shots (NEVER BOOSTER)?  Think about it.   It’s a very steady income regardless of how bad it is for your pet.

DON’T BE AFRAID to ask questions and explain your feelings to your vet regarding vaccinating your dog.  If the vet doesn’t take kindly to your questions, look for another vet; it’s that simple. After all, this is a family member. Don’t ever leave your dog’s health completely in your vet’s hands. Just like your child’s care, you wouldn’t leave every decision regarding their health to a pediatrician – you want to know the what’s and why’s and then make an informed decision! The same should be done for your dog.

It is believed that over vaccinating contributes to many health problems in both people and pets.  It’s believed that vaccines cause cancer in our four legged friends. Dogs today are dying of cancer more than any other disease and it’s rampant.  This is truly disturbing for holistic veterinarians who believe in treating the whole dog and not just symptoms.

Most holistic vets believe that vaccinating dogs annually is not only unnecessary, but unsafe for the dog.  A safer approach is to run blood tests and vaccine titer tests to see if a vaccine is necessary. Holistic veterinarians typically accept that vaccinations last 5-10 years and ONLY vaccinate if the annual titer test comes back negative.

Dr. Andrew Jones Shares His Recommendations in the Video Below

Times You Should NEVER Vaccinate Your Dog

  1. Dogs who have cancer and are undergoing chemo/radiation therapy
  2. Dogs  of any age who are sick or recovering from ANY disease or sickness
  3. Dog is acting like something is wrong, but the vet tells you he can’t find anything
  4. Dogs suffering from malnutrition
  5. Dogs infected with parasites
  6. Dogs suffering with chronic stress
  7. Dogs who are older period (0lder to me is 9 years old)
  8. Dogs who are older with a weakened immune system
  9. Dogs who may be dying
  10. Dogs that developed any type of reaction when vaccinated before

Why I Want to Spread The Word About Dog Vaccines

I would like you to really think about the consequences that vaccinations can have on the immune system of your pet.  The body’s immune system is the foundation to good health or bad.  It CANNOT handle what is being forced upon them.



One Reference:  The Holistic Guide for a Healthy Dog

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  • glen novinski

    i took my best friend slicker an 8 year old straffordshire to a so called vet to find out what these under skin hardly noticeable lifts were they looked like a bite before i knew anything the guy gave slicker a shot the tech askef me another question and the vet gave slicker a second shot. he said slicker was 15 lbs overweight and the marks on his belly were flea bites or mosqiuito all 30 of them. 3 days later slicker starts not being himself. he was isolating stopped eating 7 days after vet visit. i sent slicker home on july 27 2018 at 4PM. i rescued slicker from what was a ongoing
    criminal enterprise. they tried to make slicker fight i was told and he wouldnt and they made a 75 year old man attempt to get rid of him. i met slicker at a gas station he jumped in my truck. i recieved over 50 stitches the night i wen back to rescue slicker. this vet took the only good thing in my life. is this going to be the norm. just one more thing we become complacent about. when is it enuff . when does all this money mongering greed addicted people start being held accountable for their actions. slicker was liked in my little town and well known in fowlerville where im from. my friends call and ask how slicker is pretty much before the conversation starts. can u please for the safety of other animals please help me with any resources so that i can persue in having this vets licsence at least suspended so that other victims may come forward. im hearing alot of negative things about him.

    • janie

      Hi Glen:

      I’m so very sorry. I just sent you a private email.


  • Sloane Eusebio

    Please help! I took my 11 you American Eskimo/Beagle mix (American Eagle) for his 3 year rabies shot 10/2017. He had not had any vaccines other than rabies since age 2 or 3. He has been on an organic and on a grain free diet forever, lives a healthy life, no lawn chemicals, well water, no longer doing flea/tic treatment in years, only do a few heartworm pills per year, no synthetic chemicals at home except some occasional bleach or windex as needed, but mostly natural cleaners, detergents, etc, etc. We did get him at age one from a shelter, so I can not speak to his history before that. But he should have pretty low risk factors for cancer. However guess what he came down with about 2 months after vaccination: Cushing’s Disease, which was recently confirmed to be linked to a left adrenal gland tumor. US revealed the tumor, and some secondary liver enlargement, but other organs look perfect. No current suspicion of metastasis, but who knows. Would you take the risk of surgery in this case? And I truly believe that vaccine put him into this condition. My vet was commenting at that physical when he gave the shot how wonderful and healthy my dog was, how well he was aging. When I brought him in to the vet due to the Cushing’s sympotms in the winter of 2018, the vet’s face dropped at the mere sight of my sick boy. How can such a rare tumor (only 1-2% of dog tumors) have happened without other cancer-causing risk factors? HMM>>>

    • janie

      Hi Sloane:

      I’m sorry to hear about your old boy. Let me get back to you shortly.

      I WILL get back to you.


  • Lynette

    Hello, last month I took 13 yr old pit bull to the vet for annual exam. I was told , time for distemper vaccine. Within 2 days he developed a fatty tumor growth on his right outer thigh. And is becoming increasingly lame. I think it’s related. He was a very healthy and strong dog. He had lymes at 4yrs of age but it was under control. The vet wants to do trays, I won’t he’s in so much discomfort. If never put him they that. He cries when his legs are touched. Right now we’re giving him tramadol and I’m looking into CBD spray to spray in his mouth and perhaps the bentonite clay. Please help I feel helpless cedar is my baby.

    • janie

      Hi Lynette:

      I’m sorry to hear about your old boy. I sent you a private email.


  • E

    I really need advice!!! Our dog is 9 years old, soon 10, ive been his owner for two years. She has never been vaccinated in her lifetime, so I dont know what should we do. It says that you should not vaccinate over 9 year old dog but what about it, when she never had any vaccines? She is old, but acts like a puppy and looks too, everyone think she is a puppy. So anyway, what do YOU recommend? Ive been reading countless articles and I will speak with vet too, but I dont knwo what to do. In our country mostly every vet want to vaccine animals for everything. But like rabbies, our country want to get them vaccinetad every 2 years (it changed recently, last year was in every 1 year) but we havent had any rabbie situation in our country for 7 YEARS, and in 11 years only few has been beside the border of Russia. So we are really confused and still, after reading A LOT, dont know what would be right desicion. My husband thinks not vaccinating but I really dont know 🙁 I will not let to do all of those never, because we dont socialice with other dogs, but what about parvo and calci…

    • janie

      Hi E:

      Chances are your dog is so healthy because she hasn’t been vaccinated over and over. I would not allow a vet in your country to talk you into vaccinating. I recommend that you stop reading, take your husband’s advice and allow your dog to live a happy healthy life with you just the way she is. As long as you don’t allow your dog to run wild and you supervise her at all times, I would leave a good thing alone.


      • E

        Not vaccinating was what I was tent (dont know excact word) more. Just, tomorrow we got vet appoitment for blood test, to see if she is alright and I knew they will make us feel bad because not vaccinating, that was why I was so overwhelmed with reading. I read every article about side effects, but every site before this one, said that these are not common. But my mind was so blown about good and bad sides. I was sure that I will not let them to all vaccines, but wasnt sure about parvo, calci and one more.

        Thank you very much for your advice! What I was confused about was the part about that, if dog has been vaccinated before, you dont need to, but what if she never had. Anyway I really appreciate your answer. And we contacted to out local homeopath, who have studied it in finland university, and we get appoitment with her too. Because I feel like we should not let vaccinate her, but I need some more encourage and information to know that we do is right thing. And maybe some tips how we can feed her best food and care for her in best way, so her immunity is strong.

  • Patty

    I wish I’d found this website earlier. Last January we took our 14+ year old Pomeranian to the vet for an annual checkup. During the visit the vet said she needed an annual booster, which she administered. Five hours later my husband and I noticed our pom’s heartbeat could be heard from 5 feet away! We called the office, they said, sounds like hpb, next time we’ll give her benedryl first. In two days she was dead from CHF and pulmonary edema. How we miss her!

    • janie

      Hi Patty:

      I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. We are hearing more and more cases of dogs dying of heart issues shortly after vaccinations. It would have been nice if the vet’s office said “your girl is old. why would we want to do that to her.” But they don’t. It’s ALL about the money Patty! Sadly.

      I’m so sorry for your loss. I know this feeling. Educate yourself for the future and protect your pets. Titer test always. Support Dr. Robb at protectthepets.com in his fight against those that care more about money than your dog or my dog (or cat).

      I know you miss her. I’ll be thinking of you.


  • Patricia Ortiz

    Hello. My 17-pound dog is 15.5 years old and six months ago his titers came back that he did not have protection against distemper. Just last week, the titers came back that he has lost immunity to parvo and distemper. Admittedly, it’s been a good 8-10 years since he was last vaccinated. He is relatively healthy for his age. Decent kidneys (slightly elevated), a good liver and thyroid, a strong healthy heart, but bad arthritis which he takes Galliprant, Gabapentin and now Adequan for. I work in rescue and I’ve seen the consequences of vaccines, it’s no coincidence. The vet wants me to vaccinate him. But I’m so torn. Others tell me not to vaccinate because where I live, Manhattan (NYC) there’s no parvo or distemper. What do you say? Vaccinate or not?

    • janie


      I would NEVER vaccinate my 15.5 year old dog, period!!!!!!!!! Does your dog run around Manhattan on his own? I assume he is with you at all times?

      If you do, I would almost guarantee that your old timer will not be with you long.

      Please DON’T vaccinate him.


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