Finally A Dog Toothpaste With Guaranteed Results – No Need For Your Dog To Go Under Anesthesia

Wow, finally a brushless, natural dog toothpaste that can really remove plaque, tarter and reverse gingivitis and oral disease. When I first read that statement, I wasn’t quite sure I believed it until I used it on my many rescue dogs.

Most of you know by now that I rescue all of my dogs and many come to me in pretty bad condition. One of the first things that I look at when I bring them home are their teeth.

Unfortunately, most already have or are well on their way to developing some sort of oral disease.

If I could give any dog owner including seasoned owners any advice at all that would be detrimental to their dog’s health — I would say that it’s the importance of providing routine dental care and maintaining their dog’s teeth on a regular basis.

One of the BIGGEST problems that 80% of dogs of all sizes and ages face is developing some sort of oral disease. Then, once the disease has developed, it often continues to go unnoticed and untreated. In fact, oral disease is the most diagnosed health problem for both dogs and cats according to the AVMA.

Warning Signs – Check Out Your Dog’s Teeth

  1. Is his breath BAD?
  2. Do you notice a layer of yellow-brown tarter up around the gums?
  3. Do you see brown tarter through the teeth?
  4. Are his gums red, inflamed or bleeding?
  5. Did your dog quit eating?

Your Dog’s Untreated Oral Problems – The Silent Killer

Most responsible dog owners want nothing more than to keep their best friend around as long as possible.  But, periodontal inflammation a.k.a. the silent killer shortens the lives of many of our domestic pets when it doesn’t have to.

When any of the above problems or symptoms are disregarded or let go, the problems worsen. Infection typically sets in and spreads through out the dog’s body. Here are just a few examples of health problems that are believed to be directly related to bacterial infection caused by Periodontal disease in dogs and cats:

  • Heart disease and stroke (common)
  • Kidney and liver problems
  • Diabetes
  • Nasal infections
  • Oral cancer

It’s Never Too Late To Reverse Periodontal Disease

We had been using Dentasure dog toothpaste on all of our dogs for several years. While the convenience is nice by simply spraying the teeth, you have to be very consistent.

If you’re going to use this spray, we recommend that you also try our home made natural tooth and gum paste first and use the spray as a back up.

Don’t forget to check out our own recipe that delivers great results!

See our recipe here for our very own natural tooth and gum paste for dogs that you can make yourself! Excellent results.

You HAVE TO use the product as recommended in order to see any results.

I should mention that before I started using DentaSure Spray, I was using another toothpaste made for dogs. It was similar in a sense that you just had to rub it on the teeth. What I didn’t like about the product is that alcohol was one of the ingredients and it also had to be refrigerated.

Well, if you have ever experienced sensitive teeth, you know how painful it can be when something cold touches the teeth. I wasn’t crazy about placing a cold product on my dog’s sensitive teeth and gums.

So if you’re struggling with what you can do for your dog’s existing oral problems or just how to maintain his teeth — I give DentaSure All-Natural Dog Toothpaste a thumbs up, but it’s not a cure all unless you use it with our tooth and gum paste recipe as mentioned above.

Click here to order DentaSure.

Never Use Human Toothpaste on Dogs – The Dangers of Fluoride in Dogs

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  • Christine

    DentaSure contains grape seed extract. Grapes are toxic to dogs, and it is unknown what part of the grape causes toxicity, and although seedless grapes have also had ill effects, it is not know whether the seeds also contain toxic components. I don’t think this product should be considered safe.

    • yourolddog

      Hi Christine:

      The flesh of the grape can indeed cause renal issues in dogs and cats. It doesn’t happen with every dog or cat, but some. My dogs and all the dogs that I’ve recommended this product to have safely used DentaSure, because the seed is NOT toxic and the product uses Grapeseed Oil.

      I’m not sure why you think or believe that “it is not known whether the seeds also contain toxic components.” Here’s a study that was done on rats for 3 months with no changes in the animals at all. There are pet owners that give their dog’s grapeseed oil routinely, with no ill side effects.


  • admin

    Hi Beaverton Pet Clinic:
    I think that most dog owners are pretty comfortable handling their dogs and truthfully DentaSure Spray makes it pretty simple by just lifting the lips and giving a good spray to all the teeth. The results – astonishing!

    • Catie Meinhold

      Do you sell in Australia?

      • janie

        Hi Catie:

        Certain suppliers of our do sell in Australia. Can I ask which product(s) you’re referring to?


  • Beaverton Pet Clinic

    DentaSure Spray is an amazing oral care solution. Oral or dental care can be one of the toughest part of taking care of canines. You may even get hurt when you try it. Letting the experts do the part can save you and your pet the trauma from the experience.

  • Kelly Ann T.

    I have never had to have my dog’s teeth professionally cleaned. I start brushing their teeth as soon as I adopt them or in Milele’s case she was a puppy who was given to me by a friend. My dogs like Greenies and since they come in joint care for older dogs I feel it is a worthwhile treat.

    • admin

      Hi Kelly:
      That’s excellent! That’s what we do too with all of our adoptees. As soon as they arrive, their teeth become a priority. If greenies work for your old dogs – that’s what matters. Keep em happy! 😮

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