Skin problems for dogs are one of the biggest issues that almost every dog owner will face at one point or another.

Many health issues will appear via your dog’s skin. I know, because for the first couple of years of my life as a dog owner, I too struggled with my dog’s skin.

I’ve learned a great deal over the years on what works for the skin and what doesn’t. Quite honestly, it’s pretty easy.  It’s just a matter of doing the right things, but first you have to know what the right things are.

Wasting Your Money at the Veterinarian’s Office

I spent and wasted more money at the veterinarian’s office trying to correct scratching, chewing and other skin related issues while never realizing that the vet was only treating the symptoms and not the real problem. With the high cost of veterinary care, I knew that I needed to get a handle on things myself before they took me broke!  That was thirty years ago and I’m proud to say that I certainly have a handle on what it takes to naturally care for your dog’s skin and keep it in a healthy state.

What I learned along the way was that it just takes a few simple steps to keep your dog itch and scratch free. A few simple steps to keep their skin conditioned, free of yeast, parasites and dirt. Clear steps for eliminating skin infections, digestive issues that effect the skin, allergies, yeast issues, parasites as well as other skin problems and disorders.

I wrote this book in an effort to help other dog owners out there struggling with how to help their own dog the book is completely FREE. Over 75 pages of caring for your dog’s skin and correcting any existing problems.

I’ve included everything from diet and nutritional needs, allergies, grooming needs, holistic treatments, recipes and so much more. It’s yours FREE and I would love to hear your feedback, whether good or bad.

What You Get

Sign up for your free copy of “Dog Skin Problems – A Blueprint To Correcting Dog Skin Issues” now and receive ongoing tips and advice on how to maintain your older dog’s health in general and get his skin in order once and for all!  I don’t bombard you with emails daily.  You will receive maybe 4-5 emails a month from me and I only share quality content that I know will be useful for my readers.

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  • Karen Mitchell

    Seeing so many people with the same problem and it all boils down to their immune system. Need help?
    Have a facebook account? Look up my group “As Nature Intended” ..
    If your feeding a processed pet food diet to your pet, and your dealing with health issues as mentioned on this page, then you really need to change something before it’s too late! I’m always accepting new members expressing their concerns for their pet/s. I’m forever reading the quote “If only I had known before what I know now”

  • Carol Grossi

    I have several Bichons (8) some are bothered with tear stain and some are not.
    I feed my dogs Flint River Ranch Lamb and rice millet.
    I mix this food with different greens in a food processor and will add different meats. They all injoy their food, good stool, good all round health. Only problem is this tear staining. Can you recommend a product I could put in their food that would correct this problem. OTHER THAN ANGEL EYES, Have too many dogs to have to apply something on a daily base.
    I give them a NuVet supplement.

    • janie knetzer

      Hi Carol:
      Tear stains can be caused by both nutritional deficiencies and/or allergies. One of my favorite companies makes a natural product that you simply add a few drops of the product to the dog’s food. While there are a lot of products out there that claim to work for staining, most don’t. Natural Wonders backs up their products with a guarantee. They are one of the few companies that I regularly endorse.

      Anyway, here’s a link if you want to check it out.

      Hope this helps.

  • Tonya

    My dog developed this big sore on his back. I have also noticed he is shedding alot. He has a smell to him that is not usual it’s not a bad smell. It’s like you can tell there is dog in the house smell. Any way we let him outside one day and he came in with the sore it was small. Afew days later we let him out again he came back in it was large. I put antibiotic cream on it. It looked like it was better, but now his skin is really dry around it and flakey now his fur has thinned in a couple of spots. I can’t afford a vet at this time so what can i do? I also noticed red spots in his ears.

    • admin

      Hi Tonya:
      Do you see anything else in his ears besides res spots? Any substance at all – brown, greasy? Do the ears smell? Also, look between his toes and tell me if you see red, yellow, black markings at all. Look hard. Is he shaking his head and licking his feet?

  • Sunny

    Thanks Janie,

    Sending that email with her lab results tonight and look forward to hearing back from her. I’ll let you know what I find out. Again thanks for all your help.


    • admin

      My pleasure Sunny. I’m kinda hoping Lulu has a thyroid issue because that’s an easy fix! Thanks and yes please keep me posted on your old girl. 😮

  • Sunny

    Hi, I have a 10.5 yr old Irish Setter named Lulu who 5 years ago suffered a very bad yeast infection, which took several vets and over a year to diagnose. It started as a spot on her belly and eventually spread all over her belly and in her mouth. A holistic doctor was the one who finally diagnosed her and healed her.

    About 7 months ago her hair on her back started thinning and I noticed dark spots which looked like age spots. I had since moved and not near the holistic vet and went to another. I told them her past yeast problems but they said it wasn’t that nor was it bacterial and just wanted to give her a conditioning shampoo. I went to another vet for her annual checkup and they did a geriatric blood work up, thyroid and tested her for cushings. All of this after again I told them of her past yeast problems. I truly think her yeast problem has resurfaced and have a few questions for you.
    I have the paperwork from her recent thyroid tests, can the person you recommended look at that to let me know if she she has hypothyroidism? I would of course pay but don’t want to put Lulu through anymore blood draws and don’t want to take her back to that vet at this time.
    I feed her Blue Buffalo Wilderness with Wellness 95% as a topping plus sprinkle a probiotic and prebiotic on her food as well as 1000mg of omega 3 eicosapentaenoic acids.
    I cook chicken and beef in olive oil as an extra on her food from time to time but also give her broccoli, asparagus, carrots and sweet potatoes the last two I will stop now that I know they promote yeast.
    She also has ear infections from time to time and a problem with anal glands so I’m sure this is the yeast coming back.
    What would be your recommendations for me and Lulu? Which kit would you recommend? I already keep her very dry and do the vinegar diluted with water rinse. Please advise.


    • admin

      Hi Sunny:
      I’m so sorry to hear about Lulu and her ongoing skin issues; I know how hard this can be. Let me ask you a couple of questions first ok before advising:

        Was the vet that did the blood work on Lulu for thyroid issues a holistic vet or a traditional vet?
        Is Lulu sensitive to the cold?
        Does she seem hungry all time?
        What did the vet tell you about her thyroid; did they say it was normal?
        What did the first holistic vet that healed her prescribe for your old girl?
        Did she have weight gain?
        High cholesterol levels?
        Heavy Shedding?

      I would also like you to take a look at this article on our site regarding thyroid testing for dogs and how many dogs are being misdiagnosed as normal when they are actually suffering from hypothyroidism.

      Please get back to me ok. 😮


      • Sunny

        Hi Janie,
        Thanks for getting back to me so soon. I was actually misdiagnosed when I had my thyroid tested several times so it doesn’t surprise me that dogs have it done with them too. I eventually had to go to an holistic doctor. The recent thyroid test on Lulu (3 weeks ago) was done by a traditional vet. Unfortunately, I’m not near a holistic vet now but I’m moving next month to Boulder, CO and will get her to one then. I have the test results with me and the vet said that her thyroid came back normal. That’s all that was said and we moved on to testing her for Cushings which also came back negative thank goodness. Now for your questions about Lu.
        -I’m in South Texas so it’s extremely hot and when it did get cooler she loved it. As I think back that last time it got cold she didn’t handle it as well as her brother so maybe she’s becoming more susceptible to the cold.
        -She did seem to have a bigger appetite but I found out I wasn’t giving her enough calories so I up that and she’s seems satisfied now.
        -The holistic vet said the yeast was out of control and put her on ketoconazole for the yeast infection and said her diet was good plus put her on Prozyme powder which I still put on her food.
        -This last visit to the vet she had lost 5 pounds but realized she wasn’t getting enough calories so she’s looking better now.
        -She didn’t have high cholesterol levels nor was she anemic and she’s never had a shedding problem. Her hair on her back just starting getting thin around last November December time and has progressively gotten worse.

        • admin

          Hi Sunny:
          It’s my pleasure to help and I’m glad to hear you understand how easily these reports can be misread.

          Dr. Jean Dodd’s is an expert at reading thyroid panels for dogs and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to possibly consult with her directly (she does phone consultations) and she’s very good at getting back in touch. You can talk with her and explain that you’ve already had a thyroid test done and the traditional vet indicated that it was normal, but you’re concerned because you’ve heard that many vets can’t read the results accurately.

          Sunny, I actually placed a call to her office on your behalf. I will let you know when I hear back from them.

          In the mean time, I’m not big on Blue dog food. Although many of the ingredients seem fine, I know of many dogs who seem to have problems with the food. I wish I could say exactly why, but I can’t. I would recommend that you stay with the Wellness Ninety Five Percent as a topper and switch to a food such as “GO” SENSITIVITY AND SHINE formula as a trial and monitor your dog daily!

          I would also like to see you add KRONCH fatty acids which are critical to dogs with skin and yeast problems – NEVER go without this. Also, you’re using Prozyme which is ok, but I would like to see you make a switch to Animal Essentials digestive support which a better plant based formula.

          Also, for ear infections, I now recommend a formula called Zymox which is excellent. This is great to keep on hand, but hopefully once you get your fur baby under control, you won’t need it that often. They have two different formula’s. One with cortisone and one without. I suggest you try the one with cortisone initially until you get Lulu completely better and then just keep the cortisone FREE Zymox formula on hand for possible future issues.

          Finally, keep Lulu very clean until we can get her diagnosed and under control. Zymox also makes an enzymatic rinse and shampoo for dogs that I HIGHLY recommend you use on Lulu and bathe her weekly for now.

          These are my recommendations that you start immediately. You can choose to try all the products and food changes first since you had a thyroid test done or just change the food and add all the supplements that I mentioned along with the bathing and look for change. I included links for you for the products over at Amazon since they are a little cheaper there. I use all of these same products on my own girl Maggie (yellow lab) and I recommend them to all my visitors.

          I forgot to ask whether or not your baby has any urinary problems? Let me know. I hope this helps Sunny and let me know your thoughts ok.


          • Sunny


            Thank you so much for contacting Dr. Dodd for me, I’ve had the vet email all of her test results so will wait to hear from you.

            I already have the Zymox with Hydrocortisone ear solution and the Zymox enzymatic Shampoo and Rinse. I completely forgot I got those from the holistic vet. I’m going to give Lulu a bath after writing this.

            I just purchased the Kronch fatty acids and Animals essentials and will start to ease her on to the new food as soon as I get that as well.

            Lulu has never had urinary problems and they even did a urinalysis a few weeks ago and a fecal and all test were negative.

            I was looking over the yeasts kits, do I need to start her on one of these or should I wait to hear about the thyroid test?


          • admin

            Hi Sunny:
            I just got off the phone with Dr. Dodds office. Dr. Dodds is out of town, but she checks her emails ALL the time and will get back to you quickly. Her assistant Karen suggested that you email Dr. Dodds at [email protected] and explain what we went over earlier. You can even scan the lab results from her thyroid test to her and she will look them over and make recommendations for you.

            It’s quite possible that the vet only gave Lulu a t4 panel which isn’t enough and this is why scanning a copy to her would be helpful. I suggest that you do this first and talk with her about the thyroid test before purchasing the kit I recommend in my free ebook. If Lulu does indeed have a thyroid problem, that kit won’t help so we need to make sure.

            All the supplements that I recommended to you – you should keep Lulu on those no matter what and for life. At this point I just wanted to try the sensitive formula food to see if we notice a difference.

            Dr. Dodds also does food allergy testing at her greyhound rescue and many times just one simple change in the food line up can make all the difference. But, I figured we could try this formula while we’re waiting for Dr. Dodds. So, you can always have her run a food allergy test for you as well. Check out
            and look under Nutriscan to read about her food allergy tests. You can also view pricing. I don’t find the prices to be too bad in comparison to what I’ve paid over the years. In fact, I think they’re pretty good.

            Let’s see what she says in your email and we’ll go from there ok. Let me know. Lets get your old girl well! I have a soft spot for all dogs named Lulu since I had my own Lulu.

            Janie 😮

  • PR


    My dogs belly, the insides of his hind legs, his armpit area, behind his ears are all turing black but he is not loosing any hair. The vet did not seem very concerned. Their were no lesions. I feed him a raw food diet (Pets4life). He is a tan/white cairn terrier … he is up 2 date on all shots and flee medication…

    • admin

      Hi there:
      I’m sorry to hear about your dog’s skin problems. I know how hard this can be to battle. Although his skin is turning black, does he seem bothered? Is he scratching, chewing, rubbing or does he smell at all?

      • Pr

        No he does not seem to have any of the above problems

        • admin

          If he’s not showing any other symptoms other than the skin turning black, I wouldn’t worry too much. If he starts to show signs of distress such as itching, chewing, scratching or losing his hair, then there could be a bigger problem. One of my own labs always had a pink belly which turned black. You can try giving your enzymes and probiotics to build his immune system.

  • Sandra werner

    Hello Janie

    I’m in Miami beach and the food he is eating Bowie because the vet prescribe that kind of food, he is taken too omega 3, I continuing whit that or not?

    Thank you very much


    • admin

      HI Sandra:
      I’m a little slow – heehee. You said you’re from Columbia, not that you live there – I get it. Anyway, yes Omega 3 is definitely a must for dogs with any type of skin issue. Just curious as to what brand of Omega 3 or is it from the Vet. The reason I ask is that I used to recommend “Grizzly salmon Oil”, but I stopped after my own dog had a few issues and her vet mentioned the possibility of heavy metals in the salmon oil that I was giving her. I now recommend OnlyNaturalPet’s formula which I checked into and is supposedly free of heavy metals and other toxins.

      Did you say he’s eating “Bowie” dog food? I never heard of that formula or is it prescription? Also, does he eat dry food normally?

  • Sandra werner

    Thank you very much for all the advise .
    I going to try do all what you tell me the do, for now I need to do some thing for make Goliath feel better, the picture you send me some the spot Goliath has they like those but he is no really like that bad.
    Thank you very much and I going to keep in touch with you.

    Sandra and Goliath

    • admin

      Hi Sandra:
      Please keep in touch o.k. and don’t be afraid to ask if you need any help. When I share advice with others, it helps so much to hear back so that I know if what I told them worked. This allows me to help others and share a story with them that made a difference.

      We’re here if you need us o.k.
      Janie 😮

      • Sandra werner

        Janie :

        I want to ask you if I give Goliath the same diet the hills zd ultra or maybe I change for other kind of food.

        Thanks for tonigh.

        • admin

          Hi Sandra:
          You’re welcome and it would help if I knew what dog food options were available to you in Columbia? Can you give me an idea of what foods are being sold there?

          Janie 😮

  • Sandra Werner

    I have a chow mix and for almost a year is suffering real bad skin problem, I took him in to the vet and the only what they give him is antibiotics and cortisone some medicaid shampoo and they change his food for hills zd ultra. For the time he is taken the medicine all desapair but is almost a month later and is back; he has a big red and black spots the hair is coming out and his Bally is black this condition is going of and on for a year i feel really bad because he is so beautiful and good dog and I do not want the he feels any pain, I really need some help because I spend to much money already but I want a happy life for him and in this money, I do not have money for taken to the vet and make all the test again and not have any results, please help me thanks if you cand give any advice for make goliath be happy dog again.
    Sorry for my english I’m from Colombia .

    • admin

      Hi Sandra:
      There’s no need to apologize for the english, I understand and actually your english is pretty good.

      It really does sound like your chow mix has a yeast issue. You CAN get your dog in order, but I have to tell you up front that you will have to spend more money. The difference is that you will see results if you follow my recommendations. You can’t skip certain parts of my recommendations – you have to do it all in order to achieve results.

      First, often dogs with yeast problems suffer with hypothyroidism.. In the event that your veterinarian already checked the dog’s thyroid and said it was normal – there is something that you need to understand. Most veterinarians CANNOT accurately read the thyroid test (thyroid panels) when the thyroid is ranging between normal to low. They often come back and tell the dog owner that the thyroid is normal when it’s actually low and the dog is suffering from hypothyroidism (low thyroid) and needs to be placed on medication. Dr. Dodd’s does this testing for dogs and dog owners all over the world. She is the best when it comes to determining whether or not the dog has thyroid issues. Your normal vet would draw the dog’s blood and send it to her. It’s no more expensive than your vet sending the bloodwork out to any other laboratory. I believe she charges $125.

      It’s really best to first test your dog’s thyroid Sandra with Dr. Dodd’s if you can. If you decide to do it, but need help – let me know and I help you with what you need to do.

      Second, you have to clear up the yeast issues within your dog’s gut. Inside your dog’s gut, there is most likely an overgrowth of yeast (bad bacteria). Both people and dogs have good and bad bacteria in there body. But what happens is when a dog is sickly and his immune system isn’t functioning properly, the good bacteria can’t fight off the bad bacteria (yeast). The yeast begins to take over within your dog’s gut. You start to see symptoms such as chronic ear infections with brown, greasy substance inside (not every dog gets this), smelly skin, paw licking, loss of hair, black spots and much more. Here’s an image of a dog with a very bad case of systemic yeast infection:
      yeast infection dogs gdl

      One of the best kits available for dogs with yeast issues is from firstchoicenaturals. The kit is $125 Sandra, but well worth the money.

      Diet plays a huge a role in your dog’s yeast problem. You will need to work on his diet. You will also need to keep him very, very clean. We can discuss how to do this without costing you any more money o.k.

      So, my recommendations are to first get his thyroid tested by Dr. Dodd’s if you can. Second, order the yeast repair kit for $125 and then we can discuss the food you should feed him and the issue of keeping him very clean.

      Respond here if you want and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

      Janie 😮

  • Cindy Morehead

    Hi Janie,

    I have a 31/2 year old soft coated wheaton terrier who had puppies almost 2 years ago. Since she had pups, she has had a spot under her chin that I have been trying to get rid of. We finally decided it was maybe a food allergy. I have had her on Candida food most of her life and have changed her to Natures instinct Turkey and Rice. I have now noticed that her back end is turning black skinned and has a raised area that she wants to chew all of the time. She is also getting blackening of the skin in other areas. Do you think this is a yeast infection? She is not spayed so her hormones rage at times. From all I am reading, it doesn’t appear to black skin disease as there is no hair loss but is looking more like a yeast….Could it have started under her chin and now spread to her hind end? It is moist under there because of her bears and is very gummy and black when I comb it out. She hates me messing with it too. What suggestions do you have? Should I have the vet test her for yeast or just try treating it? Should I put her back on the candida or do you have another suggestion?
    Thanks for any information or suggestion you may have. Looking forward to reading your book.

    • admin

      Hi Cindy:
      I’m definitely thinking your girl has a yeast issue going on. Is there a reason she’s not spayed, I mean are you breeding her? Also, Ive never heard of Candida Dog Food. Can you send me a link of the food you’re feeding her? That would be helpful.

      This sounds alot like systemic yeast problem especially with the blackening of the skin. When it’s a yeast issue that is out of control and we’re talking internally (in the gut) it spreads throughout the dogs lastly showing on the skin surface . Are you giving any supplements in addition to the Candida diet?

      When the yeast (fungus) overgrows in the gut, what happens is that the lining of the intestinal wall (which is a protective layer) is destroyed. Your dog’s digestive tract (and yours as well) is designed to keep waste and toxins from leaking through the walls of the digestive system and into your dog’s blood stream. Once this lining is destroyed due to yeast and fungus overgrowth, it allows the toxins to leak through the intestinal walls and into the bloodstream. The body is now becoming toxic.

      Once the toxins start to leak throughout the body, all kinds of things start to happen such as the pH in the gut and other organs will change; you start to recognize what is referred to as the 4 stages of severity of yeast overgrowth depending on how bad it is.

      Here’s the thing Cindy. A dog yeast infection throughout the body is often related to diet and nutritional deficiencies. You’ll read all this in my free ebook. Your vet is only going to give you antibiotics and probably steroids. This will curb the problem temporarily if the problem is yeast. My point is that many traditional vets don’t recognize that food and a nutritional deficiency is the problem so you’re getting a temporary fix and chances are you’re going to end up back in the same position not long from now.

      I’m not saying that you shouldn’t go to the vet (this has to be your decision, I’m sure you understand), but I think that by following the advice in my book for yeast issues will not hurt, it can only help. You can’t skim or alter the process though. You have to follow it exactly. It also takes time just like it took time for your dog to get in this condition. Read the book o.k. and if you still have questions, get back to me. You need to get her on a grain free food that works for her. Many believe that potatoes of any kind should not be included in a diet for dogs with yeast issues. A great food to try for this problem would be “Go Naturals Salmon and Oatmeal” by Petcurean and another food that I think might be worth looking into is Canidae Single Grain Protein Plus. This is a nice dry food that I recently just found out about.

      So I guess my advice is to follow the book and consider the above food at this point vs the other foods I mentioned in the book. I’ve never been completely convinced on the potato issue with yeast problems, but I’m not totally unconvinced either if this makes sense.

      I hope this helps.
      Janie 😮

  • Daisy

    Hi Janie,

    Sorry, I had not written back to give you an update on Fluffy’s condition. I have since switched his food, however, I am still working at saving up to buy the Candida Kit for Pets, K9 Solution and the Probotics and Digestive Enzymes he needs to get his skin and body back to a normal state.

    Is there any coupons offered for the Candida Kit for Pets and what walk in store can I buy it at? I’m looking forward to having a healthier looking and smelling “Fluffy” again. Thanks again Janie for giving me helpful advise to treat my dogs yeast condition once and for all.

    Thank you,

    • admin

      Hi Daisy:
      I’m so happy to hear back from you; I was really worried about you and Fluffy.

      Unfortunately, the Candida Kit For Pets can only be purchased online at the same website where you purchase the Probiotics and the Digestive enzymes. These are VERY GOOD products though. The Candida Kit already comes with Probiotics so all you will need to purchase in addition to the kit is the TotalZymes. Be sure to read this page on how to use the kit Daisy. It’s important to use it correctly. How to Use The Candida Kit

      Remember to keep Fluffy clean and the shampoo that I recommend for that is one that you can make yourself and one that I use on my own dogs regularly.

      Because it includes DAWN dish soap, it is a nice degreaser which is good for dogs with yeast problems. If you can, bathe Fluffy every two weeks until you have her in order, then do it every 6 weeks. However, be sure to wipe her down daily – this is a huge help. The following shampoo is great for that. Use a wash cloth rinsed in the following shampoo. I typically pour a little of the shampoo in a bucket and fill the bucket with water. Unlike when you’re actually bathing your dog with the shampoo, you just want the water to be a little soapy. Be sure to keep the cloth wet, but not soaked. I also rinse my dogs feet in the bucket. I literally put one paw at a time in the bucket and give it a quick rinse. Be sure to dry those wet feet well. Wipe Fluffy all over including the face and under the chin and the anal area. It doesn’t have to be a long process; just be sure to actually wipe the skin and not just the dog’s fur. It takes me all of 5 minutes to do this.

      (you can cut this recipe in half because it makes alot)
      1 pint of liquid Dawn dish soap
      1 pint of water
      1 pint of apple cider vinegar
      4 ounces of glycerine which can be found at any pharmacy

      Combine the above ingredients in an airtight container. I use a big apple sauce jar which works well. Rinse well.

      Janie 😮

  • Daisy

    Thank you for responding back to my comment. Yes, he does have some ear issue and it almost looks like an infection as much as I try and get them clean it wont go away, I’m concerned. I will definately take him off of Pedigree as I had no idea that would do that to him. Please advise me of what to do for him. Thanks again!


    • admin

      Hi Daisy:
      Did you by chance download my free ebook on dog skin problems? Either way, could you download it again for me. I updated the book today with an exact procedure on dog yeast infections and what to do. Once you download the book – go to page 57 and read through the entire section titled
      Systemic Yeast Infection. This will take you through the process of getting your furry guy on track and in good health. Please, please feel free to ask any questions you have o.k.

      You can download the book here:

      Janie 😮

      • admin

        Hi Daisy:
        I wanted to check in with you and see how your dog is doing? Please feel free to ask questions o.k. If the book didn’t help you, or you found it confusing, or you can’t afford the products, etc. – that’s o.k. just – don’t try and go it alone.

        Let me know what if any issues you may be having. The important thing is to get your dog better. Based upon what you told me, he has some serious yeast issues. I’ll do the best I can to guide you towards correcting the problem with whatever resources you have.

        Let me know o.k.
        Janie 😮

  • Daisy

    Recently, I have noticed my dog “fluffy”his hair has been falling in small chunks, his skin is red and his skin tends to smell, even quickly after a bath. Also, he constantly licks his back around the back end of his spine area and looks likehe scratches it as well. He eats Pedigree as he has for most of his life.
    At one point last year he had similar issues with his skin and I bought him a medicated shampoo for dogs who have skin irritations due to mange and such. It helped him with the falling of the hair and the smell, as well some of the spots. But, this time I dont know what i should be using or doing for him. Can you please help me?

    Thank you,

    • admin

      Hi Daisy:
      First, you really need to get your furry guy off of Pedigree. This is one of the worst foods out there. It sounds very much like your dog has yeast issues which are most likely caused by the diet you are feeding and a lack of nutritional needs. Is there anything going on with his ears?

  • Skin diseases of dogs

    In recent years, skin diseases in dogs and cats occupy a leading place among the diseases that occur in these species.

  • Lori

    My little dog has very pink skin and recently her hair has started falling out….I feel for her so much. I know its allergies from the vets. I just dont know what to do…I only feed her one type of food and I guess I will have to switch it as its not working for her. I just feel so bad for her. She is itchy too and licks her paws and scratches her face. I have her on flea control. I just really feel bad for her she seems okay but I cant wait to get this figured out.

    • admin

      Hi Lori:
      Can you tell me what brand of food you are feeding, what type of flea control you have on and how old she is? Also, is she itchy all year or just certain times of the year?


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