Finding out that your dog has cancer is devastating to say the least.

I remember that terrible feeling in the pit of my stomach when I found out that my girl “Lulu” had cancer.

That feeling of uncertainty seems to stay with you from day to day.

We were lucky with Lulu that she was in remission for almost four years before crossing the rainbow bridge when she was 16.

 That Same Feeling Of Uncertainty

Each week or two, I would do a once over on my dogs “Jenna” my dobie and “Maggie” my yellow lab. I’m looking for lumps, bumps and anything else out of the ordinary.

They also get what we like to call a “make-over” the same day. They get wiped down and get a good brushing. A good look through out the mouth. I try to do their teeth at least every every couple of days.

This week while cleaning their ears, I noticed that Jenna had a huge lump in her ear. Since I clean their ears regularly, I couldn’t help to wonder “how I missed it” before this because it’s that big.

I immediately called Jenna’s holistic vet and made an appointment. The vet aspirated the tumor and was able to get a few cells to test. While waiting around for Jenna today, it brought back memories of Lulu and how I felt when I found out that my other dog had cancer. Although we wouldn’t know the results of the test until the following week; that feeling of uncertainty was upon me again.

I say this all the time. “Dogs are masters at disguising how they really feel”. Jenna’s immune system was very, very low. The vet placed her on a high potency immune builder.

Dogs with Cancer MUST BE Placed On A Potent Immune Builder

Boosting the immune system with healthy nutritional choices, combined with the right supplements are critical to the recovery of dogs with a weakened defense system, and especially to those battling a disease such as cancer. Immunocal aka Whey Protein Isolate  is actually for people, but dogs can also benefit from taking it when they too are fighting cancer.

It’s a powder and you simply mix in with their food.  It’s easier if you mix it with a good home made meal or a dehydrated formula of dog food.  I don’t recommend kibble for a healthy dog and I certainly don’t recommend it for a dog fighting cancer.  This supplement will not only help to restore your dog’s immune system, but increase his or her energy level as well.  It also helps build muscle for dogs who are struggling to gain weight.

It’s pricey, but worth every penny.  I fed it to my 16 year old lab for several years after she was diagnosed with cancer and in remission.

It’s expensive, but well worth it. You can purchase it here if you like.

Lulu weighed roughly 70 pounds and I mixed 1/2 packet with her food in the morning and another 1/2 packet with food in the evening.  Lulu’s cancer was much more serious than the type that Jenna had, which is why I added this nutritional supplement to her diet.

Here’s a link if you would like to read more about Jenna’s journey.

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  • Holly Waugh

    Hi, I’m just learning about these natural treatments for cancer. My 8 year old husky has just been diagnosed with mast cell cancer. He doesn’t have tumors, but it’s in his blood (not leukaemia). I’ve been reading about essiac tea and burdock root. I was giving him turmeric, but since he is on prednisone, he gets warm easily and I dont want him to be hot or uncomfortable (i read that turmeric can be a ‘warming ‘ spice) Any other suggestions? I’m trying to do more home cooked food for him too. Lots of greens and veggies

    • janie

      Hi Holly:

      So sorry to hear about your boy. That’s terrible. I would definitely use Essiac Tea which already includes Burdock Root. So you shouldn’t have to use them separately. Like you’re already doing, home cooking is a must with lots of good protein (organic). I would also use Resvantage to try and help with the spread of the disease. You can learn about Resvantage here.

      Good luck Holly. I hope this helps.


  • S. Whiteford

    Any recommendations for aggressive tongue cancer in dogs?

    • janie


      I’m truly am so sorry to hear about your dog’s tongue cancer. This breaks my heart. I would of course use a high protein, high green home made diet with zero carbs and sugar of any kind. I would do everything you can to try and build the immune system thru diet and supplements.

      I would definitely try Essica tea. I’ve used both Essiac Tea and Resvantage (equine formula for large dogs) for my own dog. I would also include shitake mushroom (fresh) or a mushroom supplement.

      I’m not sure if you seen our recommended cancer products. If not, you can view them here. If there is bleeding in the mouth, the Chinese herb Yunnan Paiyao can be used to stop the bleeding.

      I hope this helps and again, I’m so very sorry. P.S. please stay away from any chemicals from flea and tick meds to vaccines.


  • Tiffany Pizzano

    My goldendoodle just got diagnosed with lymphoma. He just turned 6. Can you tell me ho much Immunocal you think I should give him? I take it myself.
    Anything else you recommend would be greatly appreciated.
    I don’t think we are going the chemo. route as I am a big believer in holistic medicine.
    Thanks so much and God bless!

    • admin

      Hi Tiffany:
      I’m so sorry to hear about your dog’s diagnosis. He’s so young….

      First, I want to share this link with you that I received from a friend today regarding the effects of mushrooms and cancer.

      I would also ask that you weigh all the options for your dog’s treatment and don’t rule out chemo therapy – please, since this type of cancer is extremely sensitive to chemo. Did you by chance read the article on our site about Sofie’s Radiation Therapy? Her owner was kind enough to document and share Sofie’s personal experience during her radiation treatments. It’s worth reading.

      Another protocol that is recommended in place of chemo is called CHOP or University of Wisconsin-25 protocol and this is Dr. Dressler’s treatment of choice for dogs with lymphoma cancer (except t-cell). Although for a cat, here’s an excellent answer from Dr. Gary with regards to chemo therapy and lymphoma and the CHOP protocol as well: Lymphoma Cancer Chemo Therapy in pets.

      Another product that I’ve read alot about is a Apoptosis Supplement developed by Veterinarian Demian Dressler. I would definitely check into it a little more.

      Keep in mind that with Lymphoma (according to what I’ve read by Dr. Dressler), the highest remission rates and longest survival times are achieved by using combination protocols.

      I’m thinking that your goldendoodle is probably as big as my lab was and she was close to 75 pounds when she had cancer. I gave her one packet a day mixed with her food. Some dogs don’t like it, but if it’s mixed with a nice meal, most are ok with it. It doesn’t taste bad!

      Tiffany, your dog’s diet at this stage is critical. You must either cook a home cooked meal or look to a high grade food like The Honest Kitchen.

      I hope this helps and please, please keep me posted. I would love to see a picture of your boy.

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