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An Excellent Nutritional Supplement For a Dog Who Has Cancer

Finding out that your dog has cancer is devastating to say the least.

I remember that terrible feeling in the pit of my stomach when I found out that my girl “Lulu” had cancer.

That feeling of uncertainty seems to stay with you from day to day.

We were lucky with Lulu that she was in remission for almost four years before crossing the rainbow bridge when she was 16.

 That Same Feeling Of Uncertainty

Each week or two, I would do a once over on my dogs “Jenna” my dobie and “Maggie” my yellow lab. I’m looking for lumps, bumps and anything else out of the ordinary.

They also get what we like to call a “make-over” the same day. They get wiped down and get a good brushing. A good look through out the mouth. I try to do their teeth at least every every couple of days.

This week while cleaning their ears, I noticed that Jenna had a huge lump in her ear. Since I clean their ears regularly, I couldn’t help to wonder “how I missed it” before this because it’s that big.

I immediately called Jenna’s holistic vet and made an appointment. The vet aspirated the tumor and was able to get a few cells to test. While waiting around for Jenna today, it brought back memories of Lulu and how I felt when I found out that my other dog had cancer. Although we wouldn’t know the results of the test until the following week; that feeling of uncertainty was upon me again.

I say this all the time. “Dogs are masters at disguising how they really feel”. Jenna’s immune system was very, very low. The vet placed her on a high potency immune builder.

Dogs with Cancer MUST BE Placed On A Potent Immune Builder

Boosting the immune system with healthy nutritional choices, combined with the right supplements are critical to the recovery of dogs with a weakened defense system, and especially to those battling a disease such as cancer. Immunocal aka Whey Protein Isolate  is actually for people, but dogs can also benefit from taking it when they too are fighting cancer.

It’s a powder and you simply mix in with their food.  It’s easier if you mix it with a good home made meal or a dehydrated formula of dog food.  I don’t recommend kibble for a healthy dog and I certainly don’t recommend it for a dog fighting cancer.  This supplement will not only help to restore your dog’s immune system, but increase his or her energy level as well.  It also helps build muscle for dogs who are struggling to gain weight.

It’s pricey, but worth every penny.  I fed it to my 16 year old lab for several years after she was diagnosed with cancer and in remission.

It’s expensive, but well worth it. You can purchase it here if you like.

Lulu weighed roughly 70 pounds and I mixed 1/2 packet with her food in the morning and another 1/2 packet with food in the evening.  Lulu’s cancer was much more serious than the type that Jenna had, which is why I added this nutritional supplement to her diet.

Here’s a link if you would like to read more about Jenna’s journey.

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