Tips For Dog Car Sick Issues

We’ve been very lucky with our own furry pack as far as dog car sick problems go and we sympathize with those who aren’t as lucky.

It’s common for most dog lovers like ourselves to want to include their fur baby in on the daily plans as much as possible. We envision the dog running to the car and hopping in while waiting patiently to go for a ride. While many dogs do this and have no problems in the car at all, there are just as many dogs that are the complete opposite.

Some dogs become anxious and stressed when riding in a car and others just get motion sickness like many people do.

How To Curb Your Dog Car Sick, Nervousness & Motion Sickness Dilemma’s

  • If you don’t have a dog seat belt, it’s best to get him one. Put your dog in the back seat and restrain him with his seat belt.
  • Don’t feed before traveling or at least not an hour or two before.
  • For extended car rides, feed in the evening when you arrive, but provide water on stops and let him stretch his legs.
  • Get your dog used to traveling in the car by taking him on short car rides regularly (start by going around the block and increase it over time).
  • Take his favorite toy or blanket.
  • Crack a window for him (don’t open the window so wide that your dog can stick his head out the window (like you see in the above picture – this can cause ear problems and you run the risk of the dog falling out the window going around bends).
  • Take along an old blanket in case he vomits or soils the seat.

Follow the above tips and before you know it, your fur baby will be a professional traveler!


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