Doggy Doldrums

Your Bored Dog: How to Handle Doggy Doldrums

Dogs that are bored can often find themselves getting into trouble and acting out. They can start destroying things, for one, and can start chewing on various objects around the house.

Young dogs will dig holes in the yard and gnaw away at your furniture.

They’ll also bark like crazy when they get bored. This may include vocalizing at people just walking by the house or at objects they see outside or things they hear.

Sometimes dogs will sit and bark at the t.v. when they’re feeling a little less than enthused.

Some dogs will find other things to do with their excessive energy, which comes about as a result of boredom.

They may develop obsessive compulsive tendencies (yes, dogs do that) and may be prone to nosing around in places that they don’t belong.

Preventing Your Dog from Getting Bored

As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth an ounce of cure (or something). In this case, the ounce of prevention has everything to do with your dog’s energy level.

Boredom usually comes about as the result of a doggy with far, far too much energy. This could be, in turn, the result of a doggy that isn’t getting enough exercise or stimulation.

You may find it weird to take it upon yourself to entertain your dog to prevent boredom, but in effect that’s exactly what you ought to do.  Here’s some ideas for you:

  • Take your dog outside more often.
  • Take him or her for runs if they’re physically able.
  • Talk to your dog!  Yes, that’s right, TALK to your dog.  Your dog will, believe it or not, appreciate the mental stimulation that goes into having a conversation with you – even if nobody else finds you that interesting.  Lol!
  • Invest in some toys that your pooch will enjoy. American made  squeaky toys are a good option.
  • I also recommend investing in a deer antler.  I love these for my dogs.  They are long-lasting and 100% calcium. A great buy!  This helps your dog get all of his or her “chew action” out without having teeth marks on your new shoes.
deer antler
  •  Also, consider a little calming music. This may sound surprising, but dogs actually do respond to soothing music much in the same way people do. There are a couple of dog-ready CDs out there that you can pick up that will help ease your dog’s mind and get rid of that pent-up energy.
  • Most importantly, exercise is a vital component to not only preventing boredom but upholding values of overall health. As mentioned, take your dog out for a run if he or she is able. Try walking more frequently and give your dog something to look forward to in the day. This not only forges a bond, it implements a routine that your dog can get used to following. This helps prevent lethargy.


A bored dog can be a problem dog, even if he or she is generally the best-behaved canine on the planet. Whether it’s chewing your shoes or piddling on your rug, you never really know what a jaded dog will get up to until it’s too late.

With the above-mentioned tips and a few creative ideas of your own, however, you should be able to stave off the beast of boredom and get your dog back to his or her vigorous self.

Your dog will thank you and so will I. 🙂