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flaxseed for dogs

Health Benefits of Flaxseed for Dogs and How To Use Safely

Is Flaxseed Good for Dogs? While, it’s critical that you supplement your dog’s daily diet with good flaxseed oil for dogs, it’s equally important to determine which type of oil
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recipes for dogs with liver disease

Recipes for Dogs Liver Disease

In our experience, a homemade diet made with REAL WHOLE FOODS is an absolute must for dogs with a failing liver. Our recipes for dogs liver disease may be helpful for
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When your old dog tells you it's time

When Your Old Dog Tells You It’s Time

Listen to your pet. When your old dog tells you it’s time, you’ll know. Sue and Brownie’s Story Years ago, we helped the owner of a dog named “Brown” who
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covid 19 in dogs

What you Need to Know About COVID-19 and Your Dog?

We’re living through some interesting times, with the spread of COVID-19 on the minds of nearly everyone. Pet owners are not without their own questions, but even the most cursory
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is chocolate safe for dogs

The Trouble with Chocolate for Dogs

Just a couple of days ago, we talked about some common poisons for dogs – including chocolate. A tasty treat for people but a problem and a half for pooches,
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how to use hop for dogs

Safely Using Hop for Dogs

Therapeutic Uses of Hop for Dogs The plant is a perennial that blooms mid-to-late summer, with lobed leaves reminiscent of grapevines. The main use of hop as a sedative is
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using stinging nettle for dogs

Health Benefits of Stinging Nettles for Dogs

Most people don’t think of nettle for dogs when they think of a good holistic treatment option, but stinging nettles for dogs really do have a host of herbal properties
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using oxeye daisy for dogs

Health Benefits of Oxeye Daisy for Dogs

Also conveniently known as dog daisy, oxeye daisy for dogs is an incredibly useful plant found by roadsides and around vacant lots in North America. This wild relative of the
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using oats for dogs

Oats for Dogs & the Health Benefits

Using oats for dogs offers offers some amazing health benefits when used correctly. Well-known to almost anyone with familiarity with animals (especially horses) knows the extraordinary benefits of this grain
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Dog Fungal Skin Infection

4 Steps to Eliminating Your Dog’s Yeast Infection Permanently

This article will walk you through the process of using natural remedies to treat and eliminate a dog yeast infection permanently without ever having to use synthetic drugs. Developing yeast
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are raised bowls safe for dogs

Raised Dog Bowls – The Controversy Surrounding Them

If there’s one topic that can really get us going, it’s probably the issue surrounding elevated feeders for dogs. For those of you that might not be familiar with this
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negative effects of using steroids on dogs

The Negative Effects of Steroid Use In Dogs

Steroids for dogs are among the most commonly prescribed conventional treatment for dogs with inflammation, but the danger and negative effects of using steroids are often left on the sidelines. In
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using juniper berry for dogs

Juniper Berries for Dogs & How to Safely Use

Discover how to safely use juniper berries for dogs. This amazing berry is celebrated for its practice as an astringent and diuretic. Plus it has antimicrobial properties that help detoxify
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how to safely use herbs for dogs

Using Herbs for Dogs – Complete Guide with Dosage

For the past 3 decades, herbs have been a major part of healing our own dogs and the dogs we work with. This page is an introduction to an ongoing
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safely using garlic for dogs

Garlic for Dogs and How To Safely Use It

There is plenty of negative information available on the internet surrounding the use of garlic for dogs. The problem is that pet owners aren’t getting the whole story. Garlic CAN
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