Safely Using Licorice Root for Dogs

Today, we’re going to have a few words about licorice for dogs. Right off the bat, we need to clarify that we’re talking about licorice root and not the black licorice found in candy stores. [...]


How to Safely Use Milk Thistle for Dogs

One of the most interesting of all the herbs for your senior dog is milk thistle. Called Silybum marianum or blessed milkthistle or Mary thistle or Scotch thistle or any variety of things, this [...]

Allergies and Your Dog’s Weakened Immune System

Did you know that like many people, dogs too are suffering from one form of allergy or another?  Whether the cause of the allergy is from food, environment or both; allergies are a major problem [...]

Using Gelatin Protein for Dogs with Hip and Joint Pain

It’s heartbreaking to hear the stories about older dogs suffering with arthritis and joint pain.  We’re hoping this post will help those of you whose old friend is having a hard time [...]


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Comfrey for Dogs and How to Safely Use It

If you’re looking for an herb to topically treat pain in your dog, then comfrey is it.  Comfrey is a name for plants in the Symphytum genus species.  Also known as knitbone or boneset, [...]


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We value our customers and are passionate about the health and well being of their beloved pets. We readily accept returns for a full refund (minus shipping charges).  However, the item must be [...]

Safely Using Mullein for Your Dog

Mullein is one of the most commonly suggested herbs for dogs – and for good reason. For dogs, there is evidence that suggests its use in treating respiratory illnesses like the common cold. It’s [...]


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Not sure which products to choose? View our guide to find the best, natural solutions for your dog! Anemia: This section of our store includes the best products for dogs suffering from hemolytic [...]


Safely Using Japanese Knotweed for Dogs

If you live in the Northeastern United States, you probably know all about Japanese Knotweed – even if you aren’t sure what it’s called. The weed is an invasive pain in the neck and can be found [...]

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