Astragalus for dogs

Astragalus for Dogs and How to Use It Correctly

The many benefits of using Astragalus for your dog are truly endless.The primary medicinal applications of astragalus include as an anti-inflammatory, as a hypotensive to lower blood pressure, as a blood cleanser, and as a hypothyroid to mildly depress functioning of the thyroid. (

It is also generally used to boost resistance in dogs due to its high antioxidant components.

What & When to Use it

The mature roots of Astragalus are used in treatment options as infusions or tinctures. There are many commercial options of the Chinese supplement available as well.

  • One of the primary (and most popular) uses of astragalus is it’s ability to greatly improve immunity including respiratory system, spleen, liver, kidney and circulatory health.
  • Stimulates T-cell activity and raises white blood cell counts, boosting the body’s defenses against disease and illness by improving the function of the liver.
  • Astragalus strengthens kidney function and is highly recommended.  Considered a favorite treatment in early states of infection, kidney disease or renal failure.
  • Also recommended for dogs with cancer.
  • Astragalus has been used in some applications to boost energy levels in debilitated dogs and human beings, which is a big plus for those taking on serious diseases such as cancer and looking for a way to formulate some functional balance. Astragalus can be used to help regulate the body’s levels and help alleviate stress put on the system by disease.
Seven forests Astragalus


Seven Forests Astragulus 10 is considered top of the line by most Chinese Herb Practitioners. See the guide below.  Depending on the severity of the disease, give your dog the recommended dosage 2-3 times daily.

  • Dogs weighing under 25 pounds: 1/2 – 1 tablet
  • Dogs 25-50 pounds: 1-2 tablets
  • Dogs over 50 pounds: 2-3 tablets

Preventative Measures

Using astragalus is generally considered quite safe, but some species of it are toxic to grazing animals. Roots, powders and preparations should only be purchased from reputable dealers like Seven Forests! Astragalus is considered a category 1 herb which means it is a safe “food” herb.