Did you know that like many people, dogs too are suffering from one form of allergy or another?  Whether the cause of the allergy is from food, environment, or both; allergies are a major problem for many dogs and cats.

Scratching, chewing, licking of the paws, shaking of the head, chronic ear infections, runny eyes, runny nose, loose stool, scooting and the list of physical symptoms goes on and on.

Just because your dog isn’t fighting a known disease such as cancer, liver disease, auto-immune disorders; DOES NOT mean he is healthy!

ALL of our own dogs come from the rescue at different ages and 90% are plagued with some sort of skin allergy when we bring them home.  However, once we’re able to control their diet and supplement plan, vaccination and flea/tick protocol, the symptoms become very, very minimal and eventually disappear.

This can take a little time, but it always falls into place once the body has a chance to fully recover…

What can I give my dog for allergies?

Your attack plan against allergies should be to first build your dog’s immune system and eliminate/avoid metals such as mercury and aluminum, as well as poisons that work on the nervous systems aka Neurotoxins.

  • You do this by detoxing your dog to remove any toxins/poisons in the kidneys and liver and running through the bloodstream. This is very important in helping against over-vaccination, the use of  Any chemical flea and tick products and heart medicine, etc.  Dosage upon weight:  Up to 19 pounds should get 1/2 tsp daily, 20 -50 pounds – 1 teaspoon daily, 50 -90 pounds 1 tablespoon daily and over 90 pounds should get 1-2 tablespoons daily. You add the clay to WET FOOD or add the dosage amount of clay to double the amount of water and give it to your dog through a syringe, etc.  It’s best to do it this way, waiting two hours before or after to feed or give supplements or other meds.  DO NOT PUT ON KIBBLE. Do not use a metal spoon or metal bowl when including clay. Use a plastic spoon and a glass or ceramic bowl for his food or water (whichever bowl you put the clay in). The brand we recommend is Earth’s Natural Clay which you can read about here.  Make sure your dog has lots of freshwaters available when detoxing with clay.
  • You do this by feeding a whole food, high protein diet.  Not kibble, regardless of how good you think it is.
  • You do this by feeding as close to his natural diet as you can. If raw is an option, go for it, or at least include some raw. Mix it up. Feed some raw and some homemade.  If raw doesn’t work, then go to homemade or look into dehydrated formulas.  You might have to try several until you get it right.  Watch the stool!
  • You do this by including coconut oil to the diet DAILY.
  • You do this by feeding a variety to your dog.
  • You do this by shunning vaccinations that are not mandatory and limiting those that are and using titer testing (Dr. Robb at ProtectthePets.com can help you).
  • You do this by steering clear of traditional veterinarians who just want to vaccinate, use antibiotics and steroids to treat your pet.
  • You make a pledge to your dog that you’ll seek out a Holistic vet that follows a homeopathic, natural protocol.
  • You do this by avoiding kennels and daycares and hire pet sitters and dog walkers to come into your home daily while you’re at work or having your dog go to their home. We use Rover.com a lot when we travel.
  • You do this by providing filtered water.
  • You do this by providing adequate exercise.
  • You do this by, and I say this with all due respect, avoiding smoking around your dog.

Be Patient…

This can take a while. You have to be patient, yet you should start to notice the physical symptoms decrease as time goes on (months maybe, depending on the allergy or allergies and how much you’re actually doing).

You may have to change a few things in your dog’s new daily regime more than once. Be prepared to do so. Maybe your dog needs more meat and fewer veggies, or she does better when you add a little whole grain to the mix. PAY ATTENTION to every detail including and especially the stool and the skin! PAY ATTENTION to everything you’re feeding at all times, so you can recognize what works.

Remember, your dog can’t fight off something when he doesn’t have the ability to do it.  Your dog doesn’t have the ability to do it, because he’s just not strong enough. How can he be if his body is constantly fighting off toxins routinely and he’s not eating as he should?

One classic sign that your dog is in superior health….. Parasites truly will leave your dog alone.  Why?  Because your dog is healthy. Parasites prefer unhealthy, easy targets.

We haven’t seen a flea on our dog’s in literally years. 

How To Improve Your Dog’s Immune System

Two Products for Immunity & Allergies ….

colostrum for dogsFirst, including Bovine Colostrum aka first milk produced from the mother cow after giving birth is one of the best ways to provide your dog with the cleanest vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants available.

Statistics Show….  It actually contains higher amounts of immune and growth factors than that of human colostrum.

According to the American Journal of Natural Medicine, March 1998/Vol. 5, No.2 pp. 19-23, a human mother’s first milk contains 2% of lgG (IgG is believed to be the most critical of all the immuno-globulins within the body) while bovine colostrum contains 86% IgG.  colostrum for old dog’s allergies is truly amazing!

According to the same study, it has been demonstrated to improve or eliminate major symptoms of allergies and autoimmune diseases including pain, swelling, and inflammation.

dog multivitamin and nutritional supplement

Second, Nuvet is one of the best nutritional supplements and multivitamins we know of to provide nutritional and immune support.

It is considered a FULL spectrum supplement providing both nutritional and immune support for dogs.  The first ingredient in Nuvet is Blue-Green Algae (such as spirulina) which contains high concentrations of nutrients, vitamins, and protein. It is also considered one of the most potent forms of chlorophyll known.

Blue-Green algae are believed to nourish the brain and support neurological functions including memory and temperament.  It also supports the central nervous system, improves eye health, helps with skin and allergy issues, and GI tract related health problems. It contains all the daily vitamins and minerals your dog needs and they come from healthy sources.

Adding chlorophyll for dogs that are already sick or just for general maintenance or long term health is truly one of the best things you can do for your beloved friend.  Nuvet not only provides a nice dose of algae but also provides other natural herbs, vitamins, minerals and oils.

It covers all bases!

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  • Trish Simons

    Hello, I’ve been battling allergies and yeast infection in my yorkie Poo for quite some time now, I had an allergy panel done at vets office and he came back allergic to pork and chicken so I make home cooked dog food with beef I think I have my recipe down pretty good 50% beef 10% Greek yogurt organic, 5% beef liver, 5%oily fish like wild caught sardines or macarel and 30% vegetables ( I removed any starchy veggies because of the yeast ) I give regular baths with sulfur based shampoo recommended by vet and foot and body rinses with 50/50 Apple cider vinegar and water. I just started detoxing with bentonite clay and just ordered “Daily multi complete” from your website. I plan on getting Celtic sea salt and will start adding coconut oil to his food everyday. My question is do Incorporate the vitamins salt coconut oil into his diet while detoxing? And how long should I use the clay to detox? Any advice would help I’m at my wits end and will do anything to help my little guy who by the way is 12 years old
    Thank you for your time and I love your site lots of good info I bookmarked it for future reference!

    • janie

      Hi Trish:

      I’m sorry to hear about your little guy. These skin issues and infections are so troublesome for both the dog and the owner.

      Can I ask about vaccines and chemical flea and tick products? Do you do both or when was the last time?

      Respond here and then I’ll send you a private email okay and “thank you” for your order(s) Trish.


  • Sonya Rooney

    My Saluki rescue dog has just had a Thyroid carcinoma removed. The vet said he got all the lump but cells may have branched off. I am not going down the chemo route as I think he’s been through enough. He also has diabetes insipidus (water diabetes controlled effectively by eye drops). He’s 6/7 and on a grain free dried feed, I had heard turmeric was an effective fight against cancer and have looked at raw food diet. What’s your advice please?

  • Debra

    I have an 11 yr old female terrier mix, she has mild heart disease stage 1-2
    I am trying to find natural ways to help her as I don’t want to put her on heart meds.
    She is on a high protein natural diet. Do you have any suggestions?

    • janie

      Hi Debra:

      I would definitely use COQ10 and Hawthorn Berry Syrup for her.

      I hope this helps!


  • Gina Cila

    My little guy and 11 pound Maltese was diagnosed with a slipped disc in his neck and is currently on diazepam and tramadol and also prednisone. Someone recommended Arnica. My husband picked up Arnica arthritis tablets and we are not sure how much and how often to give him.

  • Vanessa CUriel

    Hi Janie, Thank you for your help!! Its much appreciate!!
    Since Sunday she is eating your recipes from the Book of sick dogs. I mad her Meat, with beans and spinach.
    I gave her coconut oil every other day and turmeric.

    Also she is on hormones because she is spayed. She’s taking 400 micrograms a day. 200 at breakfast and 200 at dinner. She weights 12 kilos 26 pounds.

    I will definitely try the skin kit.

    Thank you again for all your help!

    • janie

      Hi Vanessa:

      You’re very welcome. I hope it helps.

      Please let me know either way okay. We’ll keep trying until we get her under control.


  • Vanessa

    Thank you so much for the information Janie.
    I have a few questions, my dog, Sugar, she is a 12 years old beagle. She has skin problems I have tried everything, baths, pills, diet change, and of course, the vet keeps wanting to inject her with corticoids but this only helps for a month or so. It seems to be getting worse every day.
    Last week the vet told us she had a cardiac murmur, and prescribe some heart pills. I’m not too sure about giving her this for the rest of her life, and now with this article maybe is going to make her allergy even worst?
    What can I do?
    I just bought your book of recipes for sick dogs to help her with the heart problem. But I’m still lost with the skin problem.
    Here in Panama there is no Holistic vet I can rely on. 🙁
    Thank you so much

    • janie

      Hi Vanessa:

      I’m so sorry to hear about Sugar… :(

      I realize you said you’ve tried everything, but can you share with me what she currently eats along with any supplements?

      I don’t blame you for not wanting to use the heart pills right away. If you share how much she weighs, I’ll share a couple ideas with you.

      However, you should definitely take a look at our skin kit (I love the lotion) here and the heart tonic.

      Let me know and I’ll do what I can to help.


  • Mini

    Hai.. I’ve recently adopted a 11 month old female dog, Shiro. Shes an Indian mongrel. For about a month she was very quiet and always slept.. Now she has started to play with us but she started having skin problems and she losses a lot of hair everyday..almost to the level of her skin showing.. I took her to the pet and they recommended a tonic-YAFA. Im giving it to her for about 2 months but she has no improvement and shes still losing a lot of hair…and eventhough i bathe her weekly and clean her regularly.. she still smells and gets a lot of fleas and other insects on her body(Im using tick free-shampoo on her)..and shes also a very calm and shy dog.. Eventhough she barks when strangers come,Shes still afraid and runs away inside..can u help me with some points for her skin problem, hair loss, smell problem…. Also how should i give her training to be fierce and be not afraid of strangers… Pls help me…

    • janie

      Hi Mini:

      It’s so nice that you rescued the young dog. Did you recently have her vaccinated? Dogs OFTEN develop yeast and skin issues after vaccines?


      • Mini

        Yes i took her to the vet and gav her vaccination… She bites her back and scratches near her ears.. So she was given a vaccine for that and also an anti-rabbies vaccine

        • janie

          The vaccines ARE the problem Mini. Can you get your hands on bentonite clay?


  • Deborah Dibble

    Is there anything to help a dog with hearing loss. The dog my son has is a 12 year old Australian Cattle Dog whose hearing has deteriorated very rapidly. He has never had ear infections and is very healthy though he is fed kibble.

    • janie

      Your dog is twelve years old Deborah and most definitely needs a better diet than kibble. I strongly recommend looking into either a raw, partially raw or homecooked or dehydrated food diet. All of these or a combination of these will help your dog’s kidney function. According to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), when kidney-bladder energy are depleted, there can be a decline in hearing.

      Some of the best herbs for hearing loss include Gingko Biloba which helps increase capillary blood circulation and stabilize hearing loss. If you want to include Gingko, consider adding Senior Dog Wisdom which can be found here. It includes other strong antioxidants for mental health as well. Hawthorn berry initiates blood flow and is believed to help with hearing loss. One traditional Chinese herb that works best for hearing is Rehmannia (which is often used for kidney health).

      I would get your old timer on a healthy diet right away and consider adding one or two of the above herbs and also consider acupuncture which can help, especially when combined with the above.


  • Norma Shely

    Thank you for the information. My Mia, Lhasa Apso and terrier mix is 15 years. In Oct she’ll be 16. Lately she has a cough with spit. She also has dry eye. However she’s very alert. She’s playful and fights with Kasha, Shepard female. My concern is her cough. What can you recommend I give her. She also has dry eye. I’ve taken her to the vet but thought you might recommend other treatment for her eyes. Thank you. I really enjoy your articles.

    • janie

      Hi Norma:

      It sounds like little Mia is doing pretty good for 15… Good job. Are her teeth in good shape? What do you feed her?


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