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Allergies and Your Dog’s Weakened Immune System

Dog's Allergies

Did you know that like many people, dogs too are suffering from one form of allergy or another?  Whether the cause of the allergy is from food, environment, or both; allergies are a major problem for many dogs and cats.

Scratching, chewing, licking of the paws, shaking of the head, chronic ear infections, runny eyes, runny nose, loose stool, scooting and the list of physical symptoms goes on and on.

Just because your dog isn’t fighting a known disease such as cancer, liver disease, auto-immune disorders; DOES NOT mean he is healthy!

ALL of our own dogs come from the rescue at different ages and 90% are plagued with some sort of skin allergy when we bring them home.  However, once we’re able to control their diet and supplement plan, vaccination and flea/tick protocol, the symptoms become very, very minimal and eventually disappear.

This can take a little time, but it always falls into place once the body has a chance to fully recover…

What can I give my dog for allergies?

Your attack plan against allergies should be to first build your dog’s immune system and eliminate/avoid metals such as mercury and aluminum, as well as poisons that work on the nervous systems aka Neurotoxins.

  • You do this by detoxing your dog to remove any toxins/poisons in the kidneys and liver and running through the bloodstream. This is very important in helping against over-vaccination, the use of  Any chemical flea and tick products and heart medicine, etc.  Dosage upon weight:  Up to 19 pounds should get 1/2 tsp daily, 20 -50 pounds – 1 teaspoon daily, 50 -90 pounds 1 tablespoon daily and over 90 pounds should get 1-2 tablespoons daily. You add the clay to WET FOOD or add the dosage amount of clay to double the amount of water and give it to your dog through a syringe, etc.  It’s best to do it this way, waiting two hours before or after to feed or give supplements or other meds.  DO NOT PUT ON KIBBLE. Do not use a metal spoon or metal bowl when including clay. Use a plastic spoon and a glass or ceramic bowl for his food or water (whichever bowl you put the clay in). The brand we recommend is Earth’s Natural Clay which you can read about here.  Make sure your dog has lots of freshwaters available when detoxing with clay.
  • You do this by feeding a whole food, high protein diet.  Not kibble, regardless of how good you think it is.
  • You do this by feeding as close to his natural diet as you can. If raw is an option, go for it, or at least include some raw. Mix it up. Feed some raw and some homemade.  If raw doesn’t work, then go to homemade or look into dehydrated formulas.  You might have to try several until you get it right.  Watch the stool!
  • You do this by including coconut oil to the dietDAILY.
  • You do this by feeding a variety to your dog.
  • You do this by shunning vaccinations that are not mandatory and limiting those that are and using titer testing (Dr. Robb at can help you).
  • You do this by steering clear of traditional veterinarians who just want to vaccinate, use antibiotics and steroids to treat your pet.
  • You make a pledge to your dog that you’ll seek out a Holistic vet that follows a homeopathic, natural protocol.
  • You do this by avoiding kennels and daycares and hire pet sitters and dog walkers to come into your home daily while you’re at work or having your dog go to their home. We use a lot when we travel.
  • You do this by providing filtered water.
  • You do this by providing adequate exercise.
  • You do this by, and I say this with all due respect, avoiding smoking around your dog.

Be Patient…

This can take a while. You have to be patient, yet you should start to notice the physical symptoms decrease as time goes on (months maybe, depending on the allergy or allergies and how much you’re actually doing).

You may have to change a few things in your dog’s new daily regime more than once. Be prepared to do so. Maybe your dog needs more meat and fewer veggies, or she does better when you add a little whole grain to the mix. PAY ATTENTION to every detail including and especially the stool and the skin! PAY ATTENTION to everything you’re feeding at all times, so you can recognize what works.

Remember, your dog can’t fight off something when he doesn’t have the ability to do it.  Your dog doesn’t have the ability to do it, because he’s just not strong enough. How can he be if his body is constantly fighting off toxins routinely and he’s not eating as he should?

One classic sign that your dog is in superior health….. Parasites truly will leave your dog alone.  Why?  Because your dog is healthy. Parasites prefer unhealthy, easy targets.

We haven’t seen a flea on our dog’s in literally years. 

How To Improve Your Dog’s Immune System

colostrum for dogs

Two Products for Immunity & Allergies ….

First, including Bovine Colostrum aka first milk produced from the mother cow after giving birth is one of the best ways to provide your dog with the cleanest vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants available.

Statistics Show….  It actually contains higher amounts of immune and growth factors than that of human colostrum.

According to the American Journal of Natural Medicine, March 1998/Vol. 5, No.2 pp. 19-23, a human mother’s first milk contains 2% of lgG (IgG is believed to be the most critical of all the immuno-globulins within the body) while bovine colostrum contains 86% IgG.  colostrum for old dog’s allergies is truly amazing!

According to the same study, it has been demonstrated to improve or eliminate major symptoms of allergies and autoimmune diseases including pain, swelling, and inflammation.

dog multivitamin and nutritional supplement

Second, Nuvet is one of the best nutritional supplements and multivitamins we know of to provide nutritional and immune support.

It is considered a FULL spectrum supplement providing both nutritional and immune support for dogs.  The first ingredient in Nuvet is Blue-Green Algae (such as spirulina) which contains high concentrations of nutrients, vitamins, and protein. It is also considered one of the most potent forms of chlorophyll known.

Blue-Green algae are believed to nourish the brain and support neurological functions including memory and temperament.  It also supports the central nervous system, improves eye health, helps with skin and allergy issues, and GI tract related health problems. It contains all the daily vitamins and minerals your dog needs and they come from healthy sources.

Adding chlorophyll for dogs that are already sick or just for general maintenance or long term health is truly one of the best things you can do for your beloved friend.  Nuvet not only provides a nice dose of algae but also provides other natural herbs, vitamins, minerals and oils.

It covers all bases!

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