Five People Foods Dogs Should Not Eat

I’d like to take a moment to talk about some less discussed foods that can be hazardous for Fido. I’m sharing an additional five people foods dogs should not eat. These aren’t the [...]


Legitimate Pet Tax Deductions: When to Deduct and When to Play It Safe

It is tax season and for dog owners that might mean it’s time to consider any pet tax deductions  (legitimate ones, of course) that our four-legged friends can bring our way.  As most of us are [...]

People Food for Dogs: 15 Foods You Can Share with Your Dog

In the wild world of pets, we often wonder exactly what we can feed them and if people food for dogs is appropriate. The good news is that it is. The less-than-good news is that you can’t just [...]


Study Reveals How Smart Dogs Really Are By Identifying Faces from Photos

We’re learning more and more about dog intelligence, with new studies and research emerging all the time about how bright our four-legged friends are. We’ve all got stories about how smart our [...]

10 Reasons Why You May Want to Avoid Beneful Dog Food

I know most of you aren’t feeding your dogs a food like Purina’s Beneful, but this article is for those that simply don’t realize the dangers of budget brand dog foods. The [...]


The Magic and Wonder of Therapy Dogs

Who would have ever thought that help for Sandy Hook would come in the form of puppies?  Yet, therapy dogs can do wonders in some of life’s most tragic and terrifying situations, as many know. [...]


The Trouble with Chocolate for Dogs

Just a couple of days ago, we talked about some common poisons for dogs – including chocolate. A tasty treat for people but a problem and a half for pooches, this stuff is marvelous and deadly. [...]

The Many Benefits of Alfalfa for Dogs

As pet owners, we’re always on the lookout for something new that we can use to benefit our dogs’ lives – but what about the benefits of alfalfa for dogs? There are many, many benefits to that [...]


The Straight Goods on Common Dog Poisons

There’s a list of dog poisons that every dog owner should make themselves aware of and hopefully this article will help identify the most common ones. The possibility of your dog ingesting [...]

What Does That Breed of Dog You Like Tell About You?

According to Cesar, the type of dog breed you own may tell an awful lot about you. Because our four-legged friends come in a variety of breeds and types, there are of course a number of [...]

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