Musing About Dog IQ: What Breeds Are “Smartest” and Does It Matter?

After 35 years of being owned by many dogs 🙂 — I’m not entirely convinced that breed determines how smart a dog actually is unless your dog is a true “working dog”. This [...]


Getting Older with Your Dog: A Story of Pet Loss and A Dog Named Lennox

Our series on Getting Older With Your Dog was always going to come to this point, I suppose, but it’s never an easy topic to know how to bring up. Still, loss is an essential part of life and you [...]


Ehrlichiosis: Tick-Borne Illnesses Are On The Rise In Dogs

According to IDEXX Laboratories, there were four times as many exposures to Ehrlichia in 2012 as there were in 2011 in the south-central and eastern regions of the United States. One of several [...]


Canine Anemia: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Options

Plainly put, canine anemia is a deficiency of red blood cells in your dog’s circulatory system. When the concentration of red cells to whole blood is less than 37 percent by volume in an adult [...]


Getting Older with Your Dog: Budget Tips For Aging Owners with Aging Dogs

In these tough economic times, it can be hard to know how to take care of your four-legged friend as the two of you advance in age.  I wanted to share a few important budget tips for aging dog [...]


The Sad Reality of Home Neutering

This may be one of the ugliest and most unpleasant stories I’ve written about, but it’s necessary because it speaks to an ongoing problem in the pet community. According to the SPCA and PETA, a [...]

Getting Older with Your Dog: A Look at Barking

Much like we human beings sometimes love to hear ourselves talk (or update our Facebook status messages over and over), dogs seem to gather a certain level of enjoyment out of barking. The fact [...]


Cognitive Dysfunction – Learn How to Naturally Help Your Older Dog’s Dementia

Once known as “old dog syndrome,” cognitive dysfunction syndrome is actually a pretty newly-recognized condition in our canine companions. It is akin to Alzheimer’s disease in human beings in [...]

Simple Natural Skin Remedy For Dogs

All sorts of things can happen to a dog’s skin when he or she goes rolling around in the business that is life. Dog skin conditions can range from the acute to the chronic; they can also be [...]


Transitioning Your Dog From Adult To Senior – What You Need To Do

Change is an inevitable part of life, as all of us know. We are constantly in a state of transition and our pets are no different. The transition from puppy to adult dog is one thing, but the [...]

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