K9 Ear Solutions Product Review

My girl “Maggie” lives up to the Labrador Retriever’s fondness of water. This summer we took her to the ocean for the first time and she just loved it!  Her previous owners did [...]


4 Steps To Correcting Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is pretty common for dogs and especially those that come from shelters and/or have been abused, neglected or dumped by long time owners. When we first brought our yellow lab [...]


Doggy Play Dates For Old Dogs

Doggy play dates are most often associated with puppies and young adult dogs simply because of their activity level. However, it’s equally important to include your older dog in on the fun. [...]


How To Stop Unwanted Dog Jumping

A dog jumping on you or on others can be very frustrating. I just went through this not so long ago when I adopted “Maggie” my yellow lab. Maggie lived outside in a dog house for two [...]


Natural Treatments For Dogs with Hot Spots

Tips For Immediate Help And Prevention of Hots Spots on Dogs Not uncommon, but hot spots can be quite scary to look at if you’ve never seen them before.Not long before my girl [...]


High Protein Dog Foods

High Protein Dog Foods – Should Your Dog Be On One? High protein dog foods are becoming more and more common in the market place. The question is whether or not high protein foods are right [...]


Dogs vs Cats

The Dogs vs Cats Battle I recently read an article “The Dogs Vs Cats” battle in the Parade that I thought was alot of fun and worth sharing. I love articles like this and I think most [...]


Home Made Dog Food

What You Need To Know Before Taking The Leap Home made dog food, kibble, canned, raw, dehydrated, freeze-dried; when it comes to dog food, I’ve truly have done it all. If you’re [...]

Dog Bloat Danger – Symptoms, Prevention and Treament

  Bloating in dogs is a life threatening condition that used to scare the daylights out of me. It can happen so suddenly and with very little warning. When you’re the owner of large [...]

Rabies Vaccine and Rear End Paralysis

Many people think it’s what is being taught, or not being taught in veterinary schools. Whatever the problem; there is definitely a problem!The forgotten oath that many veterinarians took [...]

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