10 Best Reasons To Adopt A Dog

10 Best Reasons To Adopt A Dog

If you’re contemplating whether or not you should adopt a dog or buy a dog; please think long and hard about making a difference for a shelter dog.

I would also hope that you would NEVER buy a dog from a pet store since almost all of these dogs come from puppy mills.  When you do this, you’re unconsciously supporting puppy mills.

All of my dogs come to me either through local shelters or rescue organizations. I even adopted one from a local flea market. πŸ™‚

Cindy was one of my first dog’s as a young woman out on my own. She was part doberman and part shepherd and she lived to be 17 years old.

It has never occurred to me to consider buying a dog when there are already so many shelter dogs that desperately need homes.

Adopt The Breed of Dog You Want

There are rescue organizations for every breed. So, if you have your heart set on a specific breed; you can still adopt a dog and enjoy the breed you like. Google the breed you want along with the word “rescue” and you’ll find the different rescue groups for that specific breed.


I think that many people believe there’s something wrong with shelter dogs. I’m here to to tell you that this couldn’t be further from the truth. These dogs end up in shelters for many reasons and more often than not through no fault of their own. People have this misconception that shelter dogs must be bad dogs.

My response to that is – “there are no bad dogs, just people who don’t care to learn what the dog is trying to tell them and what the dog is all about”. It’s unreasonable to expect a dog that has never been loved, coached and given the opportunity to bond with a family to come without a little luggage. Many don’t understand just how resilient these dogs are when given love, proper care and a steady routine.

Routine is an especially important part of helping your shelter dog so that he understands what it is that you want from him. Routine helps build confidence in your dog when he knows that he too can rely on you.

He knows that you’ll be feeding him the same time every day, letting him out to do his business at the same times every day, taking him for a walk the same time every day. A routine establishes a foundation for your dog that he can live by. In return, your shelter dog will give back ten fold through love and devotion.

There are thousands of cases everyday of dogs being dumped in shelters when they are old – because they’re family no longer wants them. Dogs that have never been properly house broken and are expected to just know what to do without ever being properly trained.

One of my personal favorites is “We’re moving and we can’t take our dog with us”. I’m sorry, but if you truly love and care about your dog as part of the family, you would find a place that would allow you to take your dog where ever you are moving.

Dogs Dumped and Left Behind In Shelters

Did you know that black dogs in shelters are the last to go if at all?

Did you know that many dogs are dumped at shelters when they get older?

This breaks my heart. πŸ™


The definition for “commitment” is: a pledge or promise; obligation.  There’s a distinct difference between being a dog owner and being a dog lover.

Being a dog owner doesn’t necessarily make you a good, responsible pet owner. On the other hand, most true dog lovers go out of their way to make sure that the needs of their dog are always met.  Their health and well-being are vital to true dog lovers.

Make your dog part of the family and remain part of the family for the duration of his or her life.  They are not throw away items that should be tossed because you grow tired or bored with the dog.

If you can’t commit to a dog and to providing the best care through out his life, then don’t get one.  It’s that simple!  I understand that things happen in life and there are those circumstances where life may get in the way; but you have an obligation to do the right thing and make sure that your dog is taken care of no matter what.

10 Best Reasons For Adopting Your Next Dog (or your first dog)

  1. Shelter and rescue dogs are no different than buying a dog from a breeder. I’m not knocking breeders, but shelters and rescue groups already have what you need for half the cost. These dogs desperately need a forever home, and are eternally grateful.
  2. When you adopt a dog, you make make a real difference for the dog by working with him, teaching him and building confidence and this is what creates that very special bond. There is nothing more rewarding than watching a dog transform into a happy, healthy, confident dog.
  3. You feel good because you helped something in need.
  4. All of the dogs that we rescued from shelters, have been nothing less than wonderful companions and family members.
  5. When you take in a shelter dog, you have a better understanding of why it’s critical to share and educate others about rescue dogs.
  6. These dogs are forever grateful and once you rescue, you’ll see it for yourself.
  7. You can find pure bred dogs at shelters and through breed specific organizations. Don’t get hung up on puppies. (
  8. Tender loving care makes all the difference in the world to these dogs. DON’T GO BY WHAT THE DOG LOOKS LIKE IN THE SHELTER. My dogs have come home from shelters with fleas, ticks, dirty, stinky and smelling of urine and feces. They had matted hair, hair loss and infected ears. The scratched and chewed at themselves. No, they didn’t look their best when I brought them home, but I could see beyond that their appearance issues and you should too. A nice warm bath, brushing, ear cleaning, good food, maybe a few supplements and whole lot of love is what makes all the difference.  You’ll watch the dog transform.
  9. Because pet stores shouldn’t sell pets period! This is just one way to reinforce that.
  10. Because it makes a huge difference in an area that is already over populated and completely out of control.