10 Best Natural Products for Dogs

10 Best Natural Products for Dogs

Discover My 10 Favorite Natural Products for Dogs

These are what I consider to be ten of the finest, natural products available to maintain the health of your dog.

I have used many of these products for my own dogs, and I still use many of them today.  Tried and tested and given a thumbs up not only by my dogs, but by the many other dog owners who have used them as well.

I’ve broken them down intentionally to show you that each product covers a specific part of your dog’s health and well being. It’s important to follow a healthy routine using ONLY natural products in order to build a strong immune system and fight off infection and other health concerns your dog may have.

Here’s just one example of how dog owners make the same common mistakes over and over.
Let’s say “Joe” has a dog named “Buddy” and Buddy has constant skin, ear, and stool problems. Scratching, chewing, sliding on his rear, shaking his head, etc.

Joe takes Buddy to his traditional veterinarian. Joe tells the vet that his dog has been scratching, rubbing his face, sliding on the carpet, chewing, shaking his head and it’s driving him crazy.

The vet performs a short exam and tells him that “Buddy” most likely has allergies (or atopy). Atopy is a skin disease causing itchiness and is believed to be caused by environmental allergies (trees, pollen, mold, etc.). The vet also recommends an antihistamine or allergy medicine. The vet sends Joe and his dog home with allergy medicine and an antibiotic for an ear infection.

Buddy starts to show signs of improvement while on antibiotics and allergy medicine. Joe is happy! Two weeks after the antibiotics are finished, Joe runs out of allergy medicine and thinks all is great now. Oops, Buddy is starting to show the same symptoms again. A month or two later, Joe is once again frustrated and calls the vet. The vet says “you have to bring the dog in for an appointment”. Back to vet he goes and once again he is sent home with more allergy medicine, antibiotics and has spent more money on the same issue.

All awhile Buddy’s immune system is getting weaker due to an unhealthy regimen on the part of his owner (through no fault of the owner who doesn’t realize this). The antibiotics continue to deplete and weaken the dog’s system of the good bacteria in which he needs to be a strong, healthy, vibrant dog. Joe repeats the regimen from the vet and this vicious cycle continues – the dog improves for a short period of time before slipping back into the same problem.

I hear these stories regularly. When most people ask me for help, they follow a portion of the program and wonder why their dog isn’t getting any better. I tell them “It’s not a pick and choose program. Each of these products plays a major role in your dog’s health. One often relies or compliments the other.”

Let’s say that you’re using a skin product on your dog to clear up reoccurring skin issues, but you’re feeding a questionable dog food without including a good source of protein and omega 3’s – you’re wasting your time. What happens all too often is that either the dog ends up living a tormented life with constant skin issues because his owner gives up. Or, the dog is on and off antibiotics regularly because once again the traditional vet only treats the symptoms and not the real problem.

What many dog owners don’t understand is that by trying to save money on dog food and a few other very basic items; it ends up costing them more money on a regular basis trying to get their dog well!

“This article is meant to be an eye opener to the fact that sensitivities, allergies (atopy and food allergies) often disappear when a healthy, natural regimen is followed”. ~ Janie

Top 10 Natural Products for Dogs

1. One of my favorite lines of dog food and natural dog products is The Honest Kitchen grain free dehydrated dog foods! Very close to homemade – yet all you do is add water. It doesn’t get any easier than this. The picture to the right is just one of their foods. EXCELLENT line of products!

2. Another of my favorite natural dog products is a grain free, freeze-dried dog food. Grandma Lucy’s Artisan is so easy – just add water to this excellent formula and you’ll have a home made dog food. This is a great dog food – Abby and Maggie enjoy it daily!

3. All natural TripleSure Flea and Tick Spray offers a 90 day guarantee. Been using this for a couple of years now. I love this product! No more poisons such as Frontline or Advantix on my dogs! TripleSure kills, repels and retards any new infestations of fleas, ticks, flies. You DO NOT need chemicals folks.

4. DentaSure is the absolute best all natural dog toothpaste out there! I’ve been using this on my dog’s for years as well.  It’s made by the same people that make TripleSure. There is NO EXCUSE for you not to take care of your dog’s teeth anymore. NO REASON to put your dog under anesthesia to have his teeth cleaned! I don’t care how much plaque your dog has on his teeth – this product will clean them NATURALLY and SAFELY! Spray it on or use the gel form. This product contains NO ALCOHOL at all, like others sold on the market. You can check out my article I did on this product here if you like.  And, if you would like to order DentaSure immediately.

5. Kronch Fish Oil is another of my favorite products that does SO MUCH for your dog. Your dog needs Omega 3’s for heart health, immune system and healthy skin. It’s essential for cancer recovery, kidney and liver diseases. But you have to be careful about the brand you buy and whether or not it is indeed toxin free.  Purchasing a fish oil that includes toxins will do more harm to your dog than good.  A good brand such as Kronch helps build a strong Every dog owner that I know that uses this product “raves” about it! It’s a must for all dogs and especially seniors and dogs with compromised health.

Vetri Science

6. Cell Advance 880 manufactured by Vetri Science is a high end antioxidant and immune booster resulting in 4.5 stars out of 5 on Amazon from previous customers. At the time of writing this, I honestly haven’t tried the product YET!  But, I plan on supplementing both of my dogs with Cell Advance daily for preventative maintenance in the near future.  Those who reviewed the product purchased it to help with cancer, ACL issues, cataracts, loss of energy, pancreatitis, valley fever, hip pain & arthritis, abnormal blood cell readings, seizures and inflammation. Cell Advance contains 23 different antioxidants to fight off free radicals that attack your dog’s cells, causing premature disease and aging.  Based on the ingredients and the reviews, this is an excellent inexpensive supplement for what it does.  Highly recommended for your old timer, dogs battling health issues or just for general maintenance.  Here’s the reviews.

vitamin formula for dog

7. An ALL IN ONE MULTI-VITAMIN/MINERAL/FATTY ACID supplement.  This is an outstanding product. I always recommend that you give your dog a multivitamin and that’s what this formula is. The nice thing about this product is that it’s meant to replace giving your dog a bunch of different supplements and just giving one. It includes all the necessary vitamins and minerals, but what’s really great is that it also includes the necessary omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids. So, you don’t need to purchase a separate fish or flaxseed oil.  You can learn more about Natures Farmacy Ultimate here.

8. I’ve certainly dealt with my share of aging dogs with arthritic pain and hip dysplasia.  While there are several natural dog products that offer help for both of these debilitating diseases, most are very expensive and don’t always work.  Dr. Christopher’s has been around for years and his bone and tissue formula is fabulous and it delivers!  I use it myself and I love it! It is also safe for your dog.  It helps by regenerating healthy skin and tissue. There are some reviews here by other dog owners.  Check them out yourself!  It doesn’t work overnight.  It may take a little time, because it rebuilds tissue. Be patient.

9. Bowel and Immune Health – This supplement manufactured by Standard Process is excellent for your dog’s bowel and immune health.  If your dog has skin allergies, irritable bowel, etc., this is definitely worth trying.  Standard Process has an excellent reputation for manufacturing high end natural products.  This product was manufactured for people, but, many pets are benefiting from it as well.

10. I often get asked about what’s a good natural treat for chewing? Rawhide is OUT – NO RAWHIDE folks! However, there is a great alternative to rawhide dog chews which my own dogs and all dogs seem to love. All natural bully sticks or aka bull penises (I know – yuk) are a healthy alternative for all your dog’s chewing. It’s a muscle – not hide. I’ve been giving these to my dogs for quite awhile now. I prefer this brand because they are from the USA and their prices are pretty reasonable. I highly recommend that you purchase only bully sticks from the USA. Click here to learn a little more.